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spending most of my day on medhelp.

Jun 13, 2008 - 4 comments

thank you medhelp

There's never a day that I'm NOT on medhelp. Whether or not I have a post. I'm on here more than any other site. I found this site last month and I have to say, it's really an amazing site. I'm happy to have found it. Helping you ladies out and you helping me is how the world should be. This place has helped me so much and I will continue to be apart of it!! Thanks to google I found medhelp..

And yes, I did just post something like this. lol. It's just a thank you journal to medhelp for making a great and helpful site. :) Don't you agree?

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419964 tn?1333301906
by msgorgeous, Jun 18, 2008
I too found this site thanx to google lol i love it here so many wonderful ppl here thanx medhelp :)

338963 tn?1253660822
by betty12, Jun 21, 2008
lol i spend most of my day on medhelp also i have nothing else to do I went on disability finally even though im only 23wks but i had really bad back problems or so i say so lol.No actully i had really bad morning sickness until i was about 20 wks i couldnt be at work like this because i was pewking all the time and spent most of the day in the Bathroom, and even now i sometimes still feel like ****. so im always on here all the time for most young people its like myspace or whatever for me its more like medhelp is my "myspace" lol its interesting sometimes! and besides being sick my family doesnt live around me so its not like i can go visit them which ***** and my friends well its to hot to go outside without me feeling like im about to pass out.

460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, Jun 21, 2008
I come out here a lot too.  Sometimes I think there should be an MH OCD Forum  = )

There are some fine people out here.  Even humor amongst all the depression, anxiety and other issues.

512442 tn?1216259500
by itcouldhappen, Jun 22, 2008
I rarely get on myspace anymore. I'm
more interested in this place!! LOL

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