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My 1st MAMMOGRAM & day after ER visit!!

Jan 30, 2009 - 0 comments

I got up early this morning, for my very first mammogram!!!

OMG :o painful...the person performing it asked me if my breasts have always been extremely different sizes....uhh no!!!

I didn't recieve a call from ER about blood so I assumed it was all good, no abnormals!!

I just went along with life, continueing to try and feel back to myself or at least a little better and waiting for the results of the mammogram!!

But the ovary/uterine pain is pretty bad, but the LEFT SIDE is baddddd!!
I have always had painful menses, severe bleeding and low bleeding and short days have been the occasional norm!!  Dec 2003 during my preg US with kaedyn I was Dx with anterior uterine fibroids, painful pregnancy, in 2006 the were bigger during pregnancy with cohwyn, Dec 2007, gyne dr. said they weren't fibroids, had an endometrial ablasion to have it removed, laparoscopy and tubal ligation, so the pain was concerning me!!!

I just kept on going and tried to wait and see, it was hard, but I didn't have a family DR. yet so I was determined and focused on finding one!!

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