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Update on little Frankie

Jun 14, 2008 - 0 comments

My litle Frankie is doing great, he is getting better (and more mischiveous :) ) everyday.
Two days ago i woke up to Frankie moaning and whining quietly. We took him straight to the vet becuase he wasn't himself. He wasn't eating or doing his usual. The Vet took his stitches out of his eye and his ulcer is still there but has healed significanlly so it is not at risk from rupturing. He still hasn't got his blink in his right eye which we are willing him to get back.
It turned out that the reason he wasn't himself is because he has a really bad ear infection in both ears bless him. He's now got one more medicine to add to the endless list we have to gie him everyday.
I love him so much and i am so grateful that he fought and hung on to come back to us.
He's a little monkey and runs riot around the house but thats just great :)
A month on from the accident and you wouldn't think it happened (apart fro the eye).

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