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What was I thinking?

Nov 12, 2009 - 3 comments

Panic Attack


4 year old





I don't even remember doing it, but a few days ago I decided to make an appointment to see a Dentist. Since I can still remember the nightmares I went through when I saw one the last time....when I was 4 years old, I can't imagine what the hell compelled me to do this (My brain must have been temporarily 'unavailable' at the time). I am TERRIFIED of Dentists and even more terrified of needles. I've already had THREE panic attacks, and not slept in 2 days. Both my parents had dentures and the 1st time I ever saw a tooth brush was when I was in grade three. A Dentist came and hand out tooth brushes and toothpaste (I didn't know what toothpaste was either, never mind how to use it). I discovered dental floss when I was 16!! I already have so much metal in my mouth I'm surprised I can't pick up satellite or radio signals by just turning my head around. This is going to be a complete nightmare!!!! WHAT was I thinking??? %#@&!!!!

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by 10356, Nov 12, 2009
I know the feeling.. I wish you well with the dentist. lesa

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by Jade59, Nov 12, 2009
Oh, you poor thing.  I understand completely about going to the dentist.  Does your dentist offer nitrous oxide gas?  It helps tremendously and I never have any drilling done without it.  You are in a bit of a twilight sleep, know what's going on and can respond, but just don't care.  

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by DiamondBlue, Nov 12, 2009
I'm not only afraid of dentists, but just about everything else as well. As difficult as it is, if you are able to ask about the nitrous, this was an excellent suggestion by Jade59.  I was so nervous and shaking the last time I went a few weeks ago for a root canal, Dr. Z suggested my taking the nitrous oxide......for him.   He said I was a little too nervous and it would make the procedure less painful, more pleasant and be easier for the both of us which it was.  I will continue seeing this dentist as long as I need, left feeling fine and can HONESTLY I say have no fear of going to the good doctor (or dentist) anymore. Good Luck to you and "HOORAY FOR THE 'MAGIC NOSE"! (as I call it)

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