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No Relapse no change on MRI

Nov 12, 2009 - 2 comments










The MRI came back with no change and the lesions I did have are smaller on my brain and no longer there on my spine. Its good news, though I feel I may be going a bit nuts with any weird things I did have. So no relapse no diagnosis. Its now been 3 years since my CIS. Just been told to get on with it really and be positive, which I am. And that I have a very high chance of being diagnosed with clinical MS in the future.

Since then I had a few occasions where I felt my balance was off. Not terribly but definitely wobbly on my feet. I know this could have been many things though so I am trying not to think of it as being definitely related. One morning I knelt up in bed and just toppled right over.  Unfortunately I lost my balance at the top of my stairs too and fell down the whole lot! Hurt quite a bit but I was OK. Was nearly passing out for half an hour and couldn't properly move my arm for hours after and my wrist was all swollen. Will hold the banister next time I feel like that. : $

( Though I didn't get it checked out, when I finally felt my hand, I think I may have slightly broke It )!

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by Quixotic1, Nov 12, 2009
Arrrghh!  A relapse is defined by the mergence of new symptoms or the worsening of current symptoms.  There is no precedure nor recommendation to define a relapse by the appearance of the MRI.  Period!  If someone told you that they are out to lunch and not coming home for midnight snack.  Sheesh!

There is not and never has been a perfect - or even good - correlation between symptoms and lesions.  See

If you were a CIS because of only one attack, then you have now had another.  An attack is defined by the new symptoms.  What should be done in the face of a new batch of symptoms (vertigo and a life-threatening fall?) would be a through neuro exam including a full vestibular exam with a VNG and possibly CP - computerized Posturography.

Now if what was holding back the diagnosis was the lack of clinical findings, then that is all the more reason to have the vestibular testing.  This can provide the rest of the evidence needed to make a diagnosis, even though the lesions are improved.

Since your lesions are all improving, are they considering that you may have had a one-time thing like ADEM?


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by Suzie9, Nov 13, 2009
They are not considering anything else like ADEM to my knowledge. I didn't present like  ADEM usually does, and it has never been mentioned. Initially they mentioned Devic's but that was ruled out. I pushed for a Lyme test, though they where reluctant. I use to live in an area highly prevalent for deer tick. The test came back negative, though I am aware it's not 100% accurate I know longer think it may be Lyme disease.

I felt that they feel I'm a bit of a nuisance. I do quite a lot of research so ask a lot of questions and they don't like that. I first asked about treating CIS with DMD's. I was told there was no proper evidence to support the fact that DMD's can delay clinical MS but now when I look on MS society UK I see there is, and it is now being considered.

I actually now feel silly mentioning anything. I am going to see my doctor about my slight balance problems and at least it will be documented. I'll just see how I go for now. My next appointment is a year off.

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