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CA-125 Results on 13/6/08

Jun 14, 2008 - 7 comments

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer



Mum had a checkup and CA-125 blood test yesterday. We arrived at the clinic and was told that the blood test results may take longer there was an influx of new patients. We were sitting at the clinic when my mother whispered to me urgently.

Mum: ‘Girl……’
Me:  ‘Mmm…..ugh????’ (I almost fell asleep at the comfortable sofa)
Mum: ‘I don’t think the magnetic field in the clinic is too good today.’
I looked around at the clinic and agreed. There were lots of new patients on the day and we did not know any one of them. Everyone looked anxious and glum. My mum’s chemo buddies were not around so there was no one to swap stories. The newly diagnosed patients looked so glum that we feared that one wrong word and there would be a tear crying festival.
Mum: ‘Let’s go shopping instead of waiting at the clinic’
Yes….shopping!!!!! The lady at the counter agreed to call us on the handphone when the blood test result was ready.

That’s the good part of choosing a hospital in the middle of the shopping district. Instead of languishing in the clinic and biting your nails nervously, you could get some retail therapy. My mum and I forgot just one tiny detail. The shopping complex which we wanted to go opened at 11 am. We only realized that when we arrived at the shopping complex at 10.45. Fortunately, we only needed to wait for another 15 minutes. When the shopping complex opened in 15 minutes time, we were the first customers!

Shopping…..ah……takes off your mind of little things like CA-125 results. Mum ended up buying 2 pair of shoes. She agonized which pair of shoe to get and she ended getting up both pair because there was a massive 40% off. I saw a wallet I wanted but unfortunately it was out of stock. Fear not, I whipped out my handphone and SMSed my friend who was in Hong Kong to get that wallet for me. Both my mum and I stood in front of a promoter selling this new stainless frying pan and watched him cook 3 dishes under 5 minutes. So when the hospital called us to return to the clinic, we returned to the clinic with bags of shopping goodies including one huge frying pan.

The CA-125 result is good. It is 12.8 down from 13.4 last month. I am still hoping that it would drop to a single digit. The doctor said my mum was doing really well and that although the CT-scan result is still unclear, there is now a very good chance that the ‘thickening’ in the CT-scan could be scarring. We also happened to meet up with the surgeon who operated on my mum. When told of the less-than-perfect-sterling-CT-scan report, he told mum not to worry. He was quite sure that he removed all visible cancer at the area where there was ‘thickening’. And if my mum is feeling well and the CA-125 blood test result is good, we should not worry unduly.

The doctor wanted to see us in 2 months time but we thought it would be prudent to get a blood test done every month until 6 months later. Mum would be getting her next CT-scan in 2 months time.

All-in-all, not a bad result. Considering that my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and given maybe 6 months to live at the initial diagnosis, she being alive and well and in remission now is a miracle.

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by vegas2cr, Jun 14, 2008
I am 14 months out with stage 4.  Her ca 125 is great... good luck to your Mom   Ronni

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by Jan214, Jun 14, 2008
Honey, you have been a wonderfully loving and supportive daughter. She is lucky to have you.  You do what she wants and needs and you don't make her nervous with a bunch of stuff you think she should be thinking, doing, or feeling.  I am so proud of you and everyone with cancer should have a caregiver like you.  Having said that, YEAH MUM!!!!!  She has done so well. You two have had quite a journey and you have let us know how things were going and how you all were feeling every step of the way.  It has been informative and inspiring to listen to your story, and I thank you so much for the very human way in which you tell it.
I hope she continues to do well and that you continue to have the fun quirky outlook on life that you have.
Thanks and continued good luck to you and mum.

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by cirella, Jun 14, 2008
Pink!  Wonderful news!  I'd say a very successful day...LOW CA plus new shoes and a wallet!

Talk care,

354706 tn?1279474395
by PinkTissue, Jun 14, 2008
Thank you for all the kind comments. I have been quiet recently partly because we are trying to normalize our lives. Ovarian cancer would always be at the back of my mind but I refused to let my every waking moment to be dominated by the cancer cells. I am still reading the forum now and then and if possible, would like to help to calm the fears of new caregivers. I am still updating this journal but only the posts relating to my mum is posted at medhelp as I did not want to flood the medhelp members with non-medical related journal posts. For my other journal entries, I post it at my personal blog.

Mum is er.....looking at spiritual healing so now she has been muttering about good and bad magnetic fields.

146692 tn?1314335373
by butterflytc, Jun 14, 2008
keep posting pink, love the shopping ventures and it is great reading about the normal things in life. Your outlook is fantastic, hope mom's numbers continue dropping, and in the meantime at least you get to spend a little cash, and enjoy the purchases. I wish someone took me shopping instead of sitting around in doc's offices!

356929 tn?1246393356
by Sandymac, Jun 14, 2008
Sounds like a wonderful day all in all ! The best part is spending a fun day with your mom.!


349465 tn?1289085364
by Teresa222, Jun 14, 2008
Breaking up your day by shopping is a good thing!

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