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17 Weeks!

Nov 14, 2009 - 0 comments

17 weeks











Here we go..

This week we're flying to Ontario for a wedding (oh yes.. I'm a bridesmaid and haven't told the bride that I'm pregnant either... good thing the dress still fits!) and to visit family.  The most nerve wracking thing about this is the fact that I've waited until now to tell my mother that we're expecting!!!   Ahhhhhh!  At the beginning, I just wanted to give it time to stick.. after what happened before, I figured that it was safe to give it a couple of months. Then... it turned in to me waiting to tell her in person when we'd be there for the wedding anyhow..  BUT!  Now it feels like waiting over 4 months just might make her go crazy.. she's normally a pretty easy going person... but I might bring protective gear just in case.. haha..

As for symptoms these days.. that bit of dizziness was pretty scary.. it came again the next day and the one after that... and a little bit during the days now.  Knowing that it does pass makes it easier to get through it now.. and usually it only lasts about 5-10 minutes.  It's not tied to blood sugar though.. or noticeable changes in activity level.. or light.. so I'm still trying to figure out if it has a trigger or if the trigger is even an external force.  It's fairly odd to just get a sort of tunnel vision when you're walking down a crowded street.

My appetite is doing great.. adding to the already large list of heart-burn causing foods though.. :P I haven't weighed myself yet today but will do so soon and add my new weight to the tracker.. I have a feeling that I'll be up over 150 now... finally above where I started!
I'm starting to show now too I think.. well, I definitely am showing in my opinion.. but to the general public I think that it's a bit noticeable if I wear tight shirts.  I can't wear my normal jeans anymore.. even with my belt loosened, they put too much pressure right where the baby lives! Hopefully I'll get to go maternity shopping soon.

Ahhhhhh... so... I'm really just so excited to tell all of my family about the pregnancy when I'm home.. then I can tell my friends on FB too... I've been keeping it so very quiet so that my mom doesn't find out.... now it's time to scream it from the rooftops!


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