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new day of day 4

Feb 11, 2015 - 0 comments

day 4






New Day

2 days off work cuz I was so sick.  sometimes you have to put your life on hold to make it thru what others don't know you are going thru.  its not easy alone.  but sometimes, in life, that's all you've got, is yourself.  no one can make your decisions.  only I can.  I have decided I'm done.  Back at work today . . . not feeling to bad honestly.  Night sweats / lack of sleep is a *****. but - that'll get better, every day (((hears GETTIN BETTER by Tesla playing)))
I have said this before on here.  but this time, I blocked my connections #, told 'em to not call anymore.
Done w/ my Dr. also . . . I'm not in pain anymore.  so, y keep taking them?  ya know?  
I will do this . .
found the faith that I lost -

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