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Past Day one (again)

Nov 17, 2009 - 0 comments

Made it 28 hours... counting hours now. Finally came back on Medhelp to post and seek assistance, as i kept going back for "one more dose" from my source. Now i'm committed to being done - tired of it, need to be clean, and my heart is skipping beats and could very well be from my high hydrocodone usage as of lately... i looked back and noticed i have only been clean 8 days total the last month! How did that happen???   My "just once in a while" pill usage crept up to every day..  so i'm clean now, and i plan on staying that way. Too much to lose (my life) and tired of spending money and wasting it on pills...

today isnt so bad -weak, a little foggy, called my source - luckily she didnt answer so i didnt call back. Picking up my little munchkin and taking her to the park after her daycare, so that will be great and give me a way to not focus on pills.. her instead.  

day by day...

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