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OMGosh we are so excited

Jun 16, 2008 - 5 comments

As most of you know my son Jonathan just moved home after 8 long years in the USMC.  It has truly been wonderful to see him everyday, have dinner with him 4 or 5 nights a week and just know every night he is here.  I really didnt think anything could make me any happier.  WELL, I was wrong.  Yesterday being fathers day our oldest son and his wife, who live about 8 hours from us drove in and surprised us. (he is actually my step-son, but i married his dad when he was only 6).  We were both on cloud nine.  When they were getting ready to head back to Austin, Byron hugged me and said..."BTW, we sold our house and we will be moving home in 2 months."  We are sooo happy about that news. For the first time in 10 years we are all going to be together for christmas.  I thought that would never happen again.  Our oldest son works in the retail industry and never gets the day off after christmas so he could never come home.  I am already planning my christmas dinner.  lol

Well, i have had some sad things happen between these 2 awesome events...not gonna go into detail, but please say some prayers for my daughter....she is not good...but i know that prayer changes please pray.

Thanks for listening...You are all the best!!!!!

much love

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by dominosarah, Jun 16, 2008
Your daughter is in my prayers.  Hope she will be okay.

I am so happy for you.  Having family close is so great.  Enjoy planning your christmas dinner!!!!

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by cathy5841, Jun 16, 2008
thank you sarah.  we are so blessed.

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by Mikeinthesouth, Jun 16, 2008
Sounds like you are getting your christmas gifts early. So happy for you you deserve the best...

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by sadinmichigan, Jun 16, 2008
Oh cathy..that is awesome..I can only imagine how good that feels, i am hoping to have all mine home again one day..(for christmas)  and I am always praying for your to you...Lisa

435658 tn?1257805781
by bobby139, Jun 21, 2008
OMG Cathy that is so funny about the being togather for Christmas, now i understand why the other night when i said what a wonderful holliday you will have and you i see why lol....I do think god is listening to our prayers and your little girl will be sitting by your side as well. I am so happy for you friend!!
love ya

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