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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Me

Nov 20, 2009 - 4 comments

Restless Legs Syndrome




autoimmune disease

I have developed rheumatoid arthritis from having knee surgery on both knees.  I am in hellish pain especially in the winter  months.

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by corky1969, Mar 11, 2010
Hi- I'm soo sorry you are in so much pain! My mom has Conjestive Heart Failure, PAD, and Restless Leg Syndrme. She takes a drug called Neurotin and it helps so much with this! GOOD LUCK;)

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by busykitties, Mar 11, 2010
Thank you for your kind and helpful information corky1969.  I am presently taking Lyrica which is horrendously expensive but seems to help even nerve pain at this point.  I will look into Neurotin as well.  Thank you and God bless that you are not suffering.  

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by TrudieC, Mar 11, 2010
busykitties, what other drugs are you on?  Have you been on Plaquenil or any immune suppressants?

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by busykitties, Mar 11, 2010
No, I have not heard of Plaquenil actually either.  I am on Syrequel for the depression of pain and the pain itself in my muscles, joints and especially the nerve pain I endure.  Also, Tylenol 3 with Codeine helps too with the Syrequel.

I swim everyday at the YWCA and that helps but only for a while of course. The hot tub really helps when it is super hot. It literally kills all pain out of my body for a few hours.  The only other thing I have tried to do that works is a massage.  It calms everything down and it lasts for at least a week or two.  Unfortunatley, I pay out of pocket and a massage costs for me, $100.00 per hour.  I have graduated where I need one and a half hours.

A massage is really worth it when I can scrape the money together.

The one thing that irritates me to no end and that is people touching me, poking at me without my permission.  I hate being touched at all now as my nerve pain is so sensitive.  Does anyone you know have nerve pain Trudie? It is awful.
I don't mind loved ones touching me to help me feel better. It is strangers and/or acquaintances that touch me very hard like...they always poke my shoulders and back.  I freak.

Thank you very much Trudi and Corky too for the information.  Hope you will be well too. God bless you both and all pain suffers...there must be a cure somewhere.

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