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another issue

Nov 21, 2009 - 2 comments

With taking the injections I have the chance of spending all that money and it being tubal, spending all that money and having multiples, or not even getting a bfp. It's all so stressful

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by joal, Nov 21, 2009
Your hubby is very sweet, just go for it and think positive. The what if negatives don't even come close to the reward of what if positive. :)

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by ladybug82, Nov 21, 2009
Hi there i am getting on on my phone how are you !!! YES ITS A RISK !!!!TAKE IT !!!!! if it doesnt work remeber that your percntage increases also are you doing an IUI or just injection/trigger and BD well whatever you do just think positive... if it doesnt happen remeber YOU WASTE money on other things you dont need/ ( i look around and i think WTF do i need this for, and why would i pend s much money on that ) it a positive thing Wits and i have a great feeling you will get PREGGOS!!!!! sending you so many hugs BTW Your hubby is sweet ....  HGS HUGS !!!!! *:O) -erika

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