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Grandsons Sudden Change in Behavior

Jun 16, 2008 - 0 comments

Behavior Problems



I am curious if it is true that a childs behavior can change according to the kinds of food he eats?  He has never been a good eater as far as food that is actually good for him.  He eats mainly snack foods.  Some chicken.  He just does not want hardly anything else.  Can the dyes and ingredients in snacks cause him to  loose his temper easy and totally get out of hand?  He has always been a good boy even when he was a baby.  No problems except he was alergic to milk and dairy products.  We have given him Soy milk ever since.  He has had very little cows milk except what is in some foods and maybe drink a little just lately when we are out of Soy milk.  He is a very loving child and he apologizes after he has lost his temper.  It just doesn't seem normal for him to do this.  Any suggestions would sure be appreciated because his mother and I are about at our wits end..Thanks so much.

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