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17th June Frustration

Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments










I feel like pulling my hair out.

The GP was still unable to talk to Dr Lake(the surgon who is going to assess David)- just getting his voice mail - so yesterday she gave us the hospital number - I called and got told to speak to out patients appointments - who said they never recieved the referal letter - so i got back to the GP got her to fax it again - called the hospital who confirmed they had it but that Mr Lakes Secretary was away... and that only she could autherise it and pass it to Mr Lake who was also on holiday!!!! - so it wouldn't be looked at for 2 weeks!!!!... she said it was no big deal and to calm down as the waiting list to see Mr Lake was 5 weeks anyway and he didn't have a non emergency surgery slot for 5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

I explained about his heart and the autism and they said nothing they could do - very abrupt and very unhelpful - so I got back to the GP who is going to cancel the referal and put another one in today for a different surgon.

They don't seem to have any idea of what such a wait would do to Davids behaviours and general wellbeig- his GP is really good and totally understands as she deals with autistic patients a lot but the hospital receptionists and secretaries are totally unfeeling towards it.

Oh and I was out for 12 minutes to get Elizabeth from school I did inform Environmental health I had to pop out for 15 mins and yep thats when they came - I called back and was told I should have stayed in as although they like to take into consideration times that are not possible it is a luxury obviously my pest controller could not afford to offer....I called back talked to her manager and they are coming back on Thursday - would have been today or Wednesday but I have a Biology exam today and Chemistry exam on Wednesday.... so all in all yesterday was a very stressful and unproductive day!

And I am back on my diet today so can't pig out to make myself feel better.

Today I am just nervous about my Biology exam as with everything that has been going on I have no retentive memory!

1 Week today till I get my Biopsy results!

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by Irishgal2, Jun 17, 2008
Hi Helen,

What course are your studying at the moment?  Fair play to you with two children to look after and all that is going on in your life.

What diet are you doing and how do you find it works for you?

Take care.


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by healingwell62, Jun 17, 2008
Hi Helen,

Sorry I've not been in touch lately.  I had my chemo on Friday and have been out of it since then.  I'm nauseaus and a little teary.  

I've been thinking so much about you.   Sounds like things are going all right.  I sure wish they could get a plan for your son underway so you could rest with that.  

I'm cautiously optimistic about your biopsy results!  Sound pretty good.

Take care, and take it one day at a time.

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