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My day from hell

Feb 17, 2015 - 23 comments

So here's the journal. Yesterday was one of those days I would've loved to go back to bed and start the day over again.

Monday morning we woke up to frozen taps. Yes again!

So we had a hole cut around the pipes from the day before from frozen pipes in our cupboard. So we put the hair dryer to the pipes again.

One minute it was fine, and the next there was flames coming out of the hole. It was literally that fast! DH was down in the garage puttering around in the cold. I yelled down to him to get up here and said we were on fire. I get on the phone to 911. DH started putting some water in the hole. I get off the phone and DH says to get some warm clothes and coats, boots on the boys and get outside. So we get all that stuff on in a hurry and I grab the truck keys. I put the boys in the truck and turn it on so they stay warm. I could see on their faces the looks of worry and concern. Even Preston looked scared.

The firetrucks were here very quickly. Though it seemed like it took forever. The amount of people running around (tenants, firefighters, police, paramedics), it was chaos. Everyone in the building was evacuated for safety reasons because at that point no one knew where the fire had spread too.

Our neighbour across the road came over to see what was going on. And he offered to let us come over there and get warmed up. So I took the boys over and we got warmed up. Gave me a chance to call our insurance company to let them know what happened.

I find out afterwards if it hadn't been for DH's quick thinking of using the fire extinguisher, we would've been homeless. The fire marshall even said that. Thank God he had his head on straight and was using it.

So after awhile the boys and I go to another friend's house cause we didn't wanna stay across the road all day as they have a 3 month old. We get there and we were sitting at her dining room table, and about 20 minutes later she's looking out the window and wonders why she sees flashing lights next door. She gets up and looks, and there's firetrucks in the next door neighbour's driveway. They had a chimney fire! I swore I was bad luck yesterday!!!

The firemen had to bust open the livingroom wall with the axe because they had to find out where the fire went. So we have a huge hole in our wall. And they also had to bust open the door of the guy next door cause he wasn't home at the time and he's the only one with access to the attic. They had to go up to make sure there wasn't any fire up there.

Fortunately the damage was fairly minimal because of DH's fast thinking, so we were able to come back to the apartment. But it was a little stinky in here from the fire, so there was a cleaning crew here yesterday cleaning up the drywall mess and a crew was here today cleaning walls and floors and cupboards.

You have no idea how thankful I am that damage was minimal and we all got out safely. We were so close to losing everything. If we had waited like a few minutes more, I'd be telling a totally different story.

So please please please everyone make sure you have working fire alarms, fire extinguishers and pay that little bit extra for contents insurance if you rent. Possessions are replaceable, but people are not. This experience has given me a whole new perspective

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1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Feb 17, 2015
Wow what a day!  I'm so happy to hear that you are all Okay and safe.  What an ordeal.  You are very right, people and family are the most important.  

Avatar universal
by MyMelBgirl, Feb 17, 2015
Nice teamwork!! I'm glad nobody was hurt & you were prepared!!

2006473 tn?1422033301
by Mrs_teddy_bear, Feb 17, 2015
Wow. I am glad to hear you guys are okay and that no one got hurt. That had to be terrifying. Kudos to your DH for using the fire extinguisher.

790669 tn?1465189099
by Des_a_rae, Feb 17, 2015
Oh my goodness, thank god you all are okay!!  

5575813 tn?1452481085
by Hollus, Feb 17, 2015
How scary! I am so glad that you are all okay! Your guardian angels were watching over you yesterday.

3197167 tn?1348968606
by clean_in_ks, Feb 17, 2015
I'm SO glad you and your family are ok, Shannon!  We never think of things like this until it happens to us, huh?
We have a fire extinguisher, but it needs to be charged and checked.....we'll get r done thanks to you sharing this experience.  It's crazy how a crisis like this can create gratitude.....for many things, but especially for your hubby♥

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Feb 17, 2015
really glad the fire/s did not get out of control.  glad you are ok

here's to a better day tomorrow!

thinking of you !!!


1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
Thank you all ladies.

I sit back now and look at the whole situation knowing it could've been so much worse. Yes this s*cks, but we aren't homeless. We're all okay. Everyone else in the building is okay. That's all I can ask for.

And absolutely we had some guardian angels watching over us!

Avatar universal
by katmandu516, Feb 18, 2015
Dear Shannon,
I'm so sorry you and your family had to go through that terrible experience. What Does DH stand for? Dare I ask? And where do you live that it gets that damn cold? Girl, you need to move south a little....I just can't imagine going through that because of frozen pipes.

But like all the other great people before me said..Thank God no one was hurt and your damage was minimal. Thank God and God Bless Honey...Kat xoxo

6726276 tn?1421126668
by CRSeaside, Feb 18, 2015
I'm glad for the happy ending. So did the hair dryer start the fire ?
I think DH is Dear Husband, no?

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
Yes DH stands for dear husband. Or darling husband. Whichever you prefer.

Kat I live in Ontario, Canada. About 45-60 mins away from Spidey actually. Moving south sounds great right about now. Thanks Kat xoxo

Cr yes the hair dryer started it. It must have just gotten too hot in the hole that we cut out that there was nowhere for the heat to go. We believe the insulation caught fire.

Avatar universal
by 10356, Feb 18, 2015
Hi Shannon You do not know me my name is lesa I saw this and just wanted to say I'm soo Grateful you and yours are all ok !! and to Thank you for your comment about fire alarms and ins for renters. My Niece Samantha her BF Jason and pets all perished in a apartment fire. Sammy had removed the batteries in her detector because it kept going off when she cooked. Please get a new one if the old one is bothersome our move it and always keep the batteries in it..
I do not mean too depress you. I just wanted to add to your advice and to say How Grateful I'm that the damage was minimal and that you all are ok.. lesa

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
Nice to meet you Lesa.

All our smoke alarms work, and they will always work. The landlord should technically be the one buying new batteries. But if we left it to him, they may never get changed. It's a small thing for something that can save lives.

I'm sorry to hear about your niece and her bf. That is so horrible. I always hate hearing about people dying in fires.

I never really thought about a fire before cause you think it could never happen to you. (At least I did anyway). Boy how wrong was I! HUGE eye opener.

Thank you Lesa :)

6990909 tn?1435275816
by jugglin, Feb 18, 2015
So thankful that you and the boys are all safe (boys to include DH)!  What a very scary ordeal.  You were definitely being watched over that morning...thank the Lord you are all safe and your belongings were spared.
Hug those boys tight!

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
I've been hugging all 3 of my boys tight. Scary as sh!t G.

My problem now is I feel responsible. I was supposed to be the one watching it cause hubby was out in the garage. It's haunting me. When I go to bed and close my eyes all I see is the flames coming out of that hole we cut out. I have no idea if that's normal or not

5986700 tn?1380791380
by spider6, Feb 18, 2015
Shanny, so grad you're okay along with the fam!  Prayers baby. Don't beat yourself up. Wasted energy...woulda coulda shouldda!   Dump it! Maybe this happened for a positive reason, which has yet to be revealed. Love muchly xo yes hug em tight.

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
Spidey I can only think that this happened for a reason. Like you said, maybe it hasn't been revealed to me yet. But if nothing else, it's a reminder that life is precious and never take your loved ones for granted. Life is too short

613872 tn?1513028824
by Llindar, Feb 18, 2015
Oh wow! What a day! I'm so glad you are all safe and thanks to your hubby you still have a home.
I know that feeling... one day my oven caught on fire when I opened its door to check on the food. The thermostat stopped functioning but I didn't know it was just an odd smell so I went there to check on what's going on... as the oxygen entered the oven first I saw a tiny flame and I didn't worry, I thought it will be gone in a few secs but in a few secs the whole oven was on fire. I shut the door and started shouting to my dh who was asleep after a night shift. I couldn't wake him up! So thank god I was kneeding some scones and I still had the flour out on the counter so I quickly grabbed the bag, opened the door and the same time I poured all the flour in - and the fire was out.
For weeks my mind was keep playing over and over the same movie... the tiny flame turning into a wild beast... I'm still paranoid a bit - sometimes I can still smell smoke and I walk around the house checking on everything. I know it sounds crazy but once it happened to you, you're going to be super cautious!
Luckily I'm the type who becomes hyper in case of emergency.... once we had to evacuate the pre-school because the intercom caught on fire while having an activity with the kids. We called the firebrigade and the teachers were so excited seeing all those well-built handsome guys :D I had to conduct everything because some of the staff simply froze. They were just staring at the fire and didn't know what to do... that was more scarry for me than the fire itself.
Hate fire....
Take care and I really hope You and the kids will never experience such thing again!
xoxo :)

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
Wow that sounds scary Llindar!

I'm definitely becoming super cautious that's for sure.

Once in a lifetime is enough to experience that and I hope to never go through it again.

That fire keeps playing over and over in my head too. I hope it goes away in time.

613872 tn?1513028824
by Llindar, Feb 18, 2015
It takes some time but it will go away. Hope they'll fix everything around the building and nothing will remind you of this accident. How long did you warm the pipe with the hairdryer? These insulations should be fireproof... or is it an old buliding?

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 18, 2015
It's an old building. Can't say for sure, but we're guessing early 1950's. Back then people didn't care about heating costs etc...

We had the hair dryer going for a few hours. But we also did the day before as well, so not sure why this time was different.

They haven't been by to fix the hole in the wall yet, so that's still a constant reminder. Other then that, everything looks pretty much normal.

6077797 tn?1520004188
by veronica0808, Feb 18, 2015
Wao that was a very scary moment though i am glad u guys are ok... That sure was a nightmare.. I have never checked my fire detector and i should for our safety.. Hope it doesnt smell so bad cause of the smoke

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Feb 19, 2015
There wasn't much smoke when we left the building. But by the time we came back that evening, it was pretty stinky. The first response team that came and cleaned up the drywall and crap left a big machine that has a charcoal filter and HEPA filter so it cleaned up the smell really good.

It was very scary. And please check smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. You just never know when you might need them

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