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Test Results November 29th 2009

Nov 22, 2009 - 0 comments

Test Results

These are the results of the test I requested after the TSH test done two weeks ago TSH = 4.7
Taking 25mcg till 12 Decmber then re-evaluate.

Anti-microsomal Antibody test = > 1000.0 IU/mL  Ref = 0.0-3.9
Thyroglobulin Antibody test = > 1000.0 IU/mL     Ref = 0.0-14.4
Free T-4 = 1.1 ng/dl               ref = 0.9-1.7
Free T-3 = 2.6 pg/ml              ref = 2.0-4.4
ANA Titer = 1:320                  ref=1:40

Because my Antibody results were so high and because I have dificulty swallowing pills/swollen Thyroid. I have been refered to an Endo. I will also get an  Ultrasound done and will also see a Rumatoid Arthritis specialist. My FNP is concerned I may also need to consider fibromyilgia. Anything else we should look at?

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