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Undiagnosed neurological symptoms

Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments

I have many undiagnosed neuro symptoms and I'm getting a MRI and an EEG this week and next. The more I read about Chiari Malformation, the more I believe that's what I'm suffering from. I'll see though in the coming weeks.

I thought this was all thyroid sx's - no.

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by Nyxie63, Jun 17, 2008
Hope you find some answers soon!  Sending you loads of good wishes!

Yeah, I too attributed a lot of what I was going through to thyroid funkiness.  Turned out to be lyme.  Who knew?

I'm also going through a lot of neuro problems.  Don't know if it's the lyme or what.  My case is being reviewed tomorrow (!) by a multidisciplinary neuro panel and I'm hoping they'll have some answers.  Really nervous about this.  I suspect some of my problems may be vascular malformations, based on the latest MRI and CT scans.

Will keep fingers crossed for both of us! :-D

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by SwanSong, Mar 18, 2010
It turned out to be too much thyroid medication... again! UGH! I have been through this a total of three times now, most recently on this past January. Finally, starting to feel better.

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