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Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments

Well, # 16 shot down! My memory is really unreliable lately...Hopefully that will improve soon...
Well, my life has been eventful lately...I am now bottle feeding 2 of the 5 doxie pups every 4 hours (they are tiny and keep getting shoved aside by the bigger pups), and Sunday, made a dash to the emergency room for my Grandma...Her nurse called and said she was having chest pain...turned out it was 2 pulmonary embolisms (clot in the lung) and she's now hospitalized...she should get to come home today...On top of that, I'm trying to help move the rest of Grandma's stuff out of her old apartment...Sigh...Too bad you can't bottle kiddo energy! I'd take a dose about now! LOL~Melinda

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by meNtoby, Jun 20, 2008
Just bottle feeding those puppies though, sounds pretty satisfying and soothing.  I've never seen doxie pups before! Do they look like thimbles or what??? lol  Cathy

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by medicmommy, Jun 20, 2008
They look like little hotdogs with noses!LOL And hungry little mouths...Very wriggly and excited when they know the bottle is coming. They are actually miniature dachsunds, so even smaller than the normal ones...~Melinda

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