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Sleep and toothache

Nov 24, 2009 - 0 comments

self harming





Finally got a bit of sleep - another 2 hours. Was self -harming last night again, on my legs. I'm on holiday in 2 weeks and am conscious of the fact I'll be wearing shorts/t-shirts so have to be careful not to leave marks in obvious places.
A few of the places I've repetitively cut have become infected, and currently are oozing out some yellowish, really oily gunk. I have bad toothache as well though and started on anti-biotics today so I'm hoping they will also help fight any infection in my legs. I hope so because I'm not going to tell my doctor.
On the plus side, my methadone has gone down again so only another 7 weeks until I withdraw from it completely and I really can't wait.
My parents wanted me to visit them tomorrow but I made an excuse, so they're coming to my house to drop off my grocery shopping.

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