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Cheese Fries anyone????

Nov 24, 2009 - 0 comments








I am really craving cheese fries. I dont know if its due to pregnancy or pms but i really want some sooo bad. It's kinda weird for me because i use to absolutely hate cheese fries.But now, i cant get enough. My man bought me some a couple days ago because i begged him to buy them for me for breakfast. lol.(I still cant believe i ate them for breakfast). I do regret it though, because about 5 mins after i cleaned my plate, i almost threw up EVERYWHERE (tmi). And i was mad that i bought them.(I had to listen to him say, "I told you so", for 2 hrs.)

Later on that night, I ordered somemore knowing i would throw them up, but i couldnt think of anything else but eating them, Unfortunately, the delivery man forget to bring them. I called the restaurant back to tell them about the mess up but they tried to play dumb and say that we never ordered them. OMG, i was so mad. I was trying to be nice (so he wouldnt spit in my food) but i couldnt hold it in any longer.

Finally, after about 20 mins. he said that when the delivery man gets back then he would send me my food.

Well, its been almost 24 hours later, and i still haven't got my cheese fries.......

Hmmmmm......Maybe the delivery man was in a car accident....

YEAH RIGHT!!!! That restaurant never planned on sending my food and probably laughed at me when we got off the phone. Oh Well

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