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Nov 25, 2009 - 23 comments

Okay I am getting tired of seeing everyone elses positive test...and preggo pics and so forth........then when they get their positive they forget bout us that are still so sick and tired of seeing others BFP...........its not fair.....................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  I want to be a mommy too........this is torture pure torture.....okay I had to vent........................................................Lord forgive me ..But I am ready to recieve a lil bundle of joy.

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by MrS_L0PeZ, Nov 25, 2009
Girl... I feel you on that!! I know its not fair but God knows our heart. Soon our time will come! I wish u SSBD.

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by mamaofonetrying42, Nov 25, 2009
I'm so sorry you feel this way. And you have a right too...I hope you get your's soon....

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by LIL_LADY24, Nov 25, 2009
Yea its like since I want a baby so bad hubby and I see everyone preggo or a family of 3 or 4.......Ive been trying since forever and for people to sign on medhelp and start trying and get preggo instantly just URKS my nerves still have my faith but my patience is running thin...

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by Heathermommytobe, Nov 25, 2009
Hun I understand how you feel I have been going though this for almost 5 years and it is still driving me crazy with all these unfit parents out there. I will pray for you to have your bundle of joy soon. God bless you.

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by DMarie919, Nov 25, 2009
I hear you.  It's hard to be so happy for other people all the time when you just want to be happy for yourself also...

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by Princessa745, Nov 25, 2009
Don't feel bad!!! It ok to feel that way!! We all have our days and its even harder when the person wasn't even trying to get pregnant. Sending you tons of baby dust!! I hope your day comes soon!!

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by LIL_LADY24, Nov 25, 2009
Yes I find myself behind closed doors mad and angry and crying wishing it was me.....I try to be happy for others the best way I can wishing it was me....Just like the little baby that was sold by her crackhead mama for drugs and sex....then the little babies that  have 15yr old mama's or the little babies that are brought up in these unstable enviornments when you know you could give them a better gettin so teary eyed just thinking about it.......of course I want my own blood child but then even if I was to try and adopt...adoption is so expensive that when you BUY your child (which sounds horrible) then you cant afford to take care of them..............then you try IVF......I cant afford it and take care of a child... 10thousand to 30thousand is a lot of I feel like waiting on God for a miracle...........So sorry if I offend anyone but I am just about to pull out all my (real) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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by jenkaye21, Nov 25, 2009
Aww, I am so sorry.  I am one of those lucky ones who does have four healthy babies.  My heart breaks for those of you who have trouble TTC.  Believe me, I thank God *every* day for my four blessings.  He has a plan for you!  Maybe, like others on here, you will have your baby after a looong wait and you will just appreciate and enjoy him/her SOOOO much more than the average mommy!  Good luck And God Bless... and vent away!  LoL  I know it helps. = )

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by butterflybabies, Nov 25, 2009
I am so sorry, its ok to feel this way...I have felt this way to...I have tried for almost 4yrs and spent $23,000 and no baby..I switched doctors had a Lap surgery in March 09 and am on my 3rd pregnancy...The 1st lost to ectopic, the 2nd M/C and both those times I though WTH why me and everyone else I know on here or here at home go on with their pregnancies while mine is lost...
It is sad, depressing and downright frustrating...I hope you get your miracle soon, I have to believe that all of us who desperatly want a child will be blessed with one..
Vent away to cause it does help..

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by mami1323, Nov 25, 2009
Oh girl don't I know how you feel.  It took me over a year to conceive my son.  I swore it would never happen for me.  I used to get so bitter when I would see pregnant woman, although, we don't know what their struggles were.  Perhaps they took a long time to conceive as well.  But I remember feeling so angry when everyone around me was announcing their pregnancies.  Especially when it just happened for them.  Finally I gave up and then don't you know when the pressure wasn't there anymore I got pregnant.  It will happen for you, it's just going to happen when you least expect it.  Sticky baby dust!

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by Rosa20, Nov 25, 2009
Im sorry you feel this way!! I know its hard seeing everyone else getting there bfps and walking around wabbling with there big bellys in front of can be devastating! But just think someday soon you will be the one posting your pics and saying your finally pregnant!! :) Just remeber when you do it there will be others thinking like you are right now and nobody means any harm !! I am sending you lots of baby dust!! I hope you can conceieve your bundle soon!! :):) Good luck

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by LIL_LADY24, Nov 25, 2009
Thank everyone for all the love and support....I really needed the comments....I was so down..

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by AnnieBrooke, Nov 25, 2009
There are times when you just have to pull away from the site because it is so hard to read everyone's glowing reports, and times when people's success stories are actually encouraging.  Only you can pace it and know yourself.  I know you aren't saying people shouldn't be happy, but are just saying your heart is sad.  I think you'll get there, and as another poster said, the more you want this now, the more you will appreciate your children when they come.  That's nice on the days when they are being bratty!!!  

Good luck, and (((hugs))) --  Annie

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by mrsp77, Nov 26, 2009
i know how u feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and understans your pain:)  But God will see us through.

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by LIL_LADY24, Nov 27, 2009
Thanks so much...I think its time for me to really let it go and give it truly to God

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by mandyjune1987, Nov 27, 2009
im right therer with u

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by Jenny101407, Dec 02, 2009
Alot of us on here feel the same way you do! One day we will get our prayers answered! Until then we have to keep on trying and see where it gets us. Have you tried OPK's? I think I am going to try them next cycle. I hear alot of women that use them to pinpoint exactly when they are ovulating so they can do the deed around that time and get thier BFP's! I will pray for us and for all of those out there that still haven't got thier BFP's and for all those that have. I wish you peace and love and a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!! It will happen just keep faith and it will happen!

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by ladybug82, Dec 02, 2009
hi lil lady !!!!! i am right there with you !!! and all these other women !! it will deff happen .... HUGS!!

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by thickm, Dec 02, 2009
i have been there waiting and wanting that bfp! good luck hon.......

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by LIL_LADY24, Dec 02, 2009
Thank yall so much 4 all the support!!!!!  I pray yall get all the blessings as well.  Im so drained especially this ceiling just cracked and the rain has come Im still fighting my battles in this spiritual warfare....Thanks again for all the prayers and comments.

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by mrspookie, Dec 02, 2009
I know how you feel.  I got off the pill in April and eventhough we were just going with the flow it didn't happen until 7 months later.  Believe me when I say you're not in control of this and when God's alarm clock rings for your time, then it will come.  My patience and will to get pregnant was wearing thin.  The month I hardly had pregnancy symptoms and didn't know when I o'd was my month.  Just keep at it.  Go with the flow... I mean forget about how you have CM this day or not.  BD when u get the urge...    I'll pray for your strength and patience.  SSBBBDDD

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by LIL_LADY24, Dec 02, 2009
Mrspookie..thanks girl so much!! Yep that is bout what Im doing now....Patience and Prayer!

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by MiracleOfLife, Dec 02, 2009
Hey hun, I am actually encouraged by how many BFPs are here this month! I always think that since other people struggling with ttc are getting their miracles, it will happen for us too!
I am so grateful for ladies here for their support and understanding.... I guess we just have to go with the flow...

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