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Lost over a 100 pds.

Nov 25, 2009 - 0 comments

-- I lost the first entry I had just about finished, so I'm going to make this very short right now...
   I don't care what you're age, size, attitude, etc.  If I could do it .. anyone can. It just depends on how bad you REALLY want it.
   I saw it as 2 choices: get fatter OR get thin. I chose not to 'settle' for just being 'less fat.' I figured it was all or nothing ... I was going to go all the way back to what I was before it all began. Back to 118.
   My acid relex is long gone .. and my knee pain. I wish I could jog but my poorly healed busted leg won't allow that ... and chronic back pain interferes with alot of activities. However, I continue to loose and I won't give in or give up!!
                Remember:  NO EXCUSES .. :-)

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