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would someone please believe me

Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments

im on here cause i have alot of health problems and it seems as if no one believes how much pain im in and they dont want to hlp. for one i have endometrosis i think that is how u spell it sorry. but the pain from that expecially when it is that time of the month is horriable to the point i cant move and i dont know what to do about it and the docters that i go to dont seem to want to help or give me something for pain that really works they have me on tramadal and it doesnt work at all. i dont have insurance and i cant keep paying for docters that wont help me. the other thing that is wrong i have 3 slipped discs in my back and pinched nerves and one craked disc with all that combine i am misable and i dont know what to do and cant find anyone to help me. with all that going on i have really bad migranes. could someone please help me if anyone knows how to relive the pain at all. thank you

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by Dee52, Jun 17, 2008
I am sorry you are having so much trouble.  It sounds like you don't have a good support system...or is it the doctors don't seem to care.  I have back pain,nerve damage and the list goes on I'm not here to talk about me but to give you some support.  Sweetie the best doctor to go to for pain is a pain specialist.  They know exactly what you are going through.  With all the law suits and so forth sometimes a family doctor won't give strong medication to their patients.  I don't know if that's your case or not.  I hope you can get to the pain specialist so he can help you.
  I see where you don't have insurance.  See what's available in your area to see if you qualify for a insurance card through your state agencies.

My back pain I use a heating pad then I put a ice pack on for 15 min.  Sitting in a tub of really warm water sometimes helps back pain.  Where is your nerve pain?  Pain medication doesn't help nerve pain they have different medications for that.  I hope you can get some help soon.  

You can post a question on the forum section and a doctor will give you advice.  Sometimes it takes him a while to answer.  Meditate and try to stay calm I know when I'm tense with pain it will bring on a headache so quick.  When you get a migraine keep your room dark and I always put a cold cloth on my head and try to sleep it off.
I know I haven't helped in your pain just know I will pray for you.

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by BabyGirl9682, Jun 17, 2008
thank you very much for the advice, i am also sorry that you have some of the same problems that i do and it is nice to know that someone know what i am going through. i am trying to get a pain docter but it will cost me 350 dollers and not being able to work doesnt help lol.  all my disc problems and nerve problems are in the lower back and down both my legs. thank you so much for the support. ill pray for u also.

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