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Sudden Buzzing tingling sensation in foot

Jun 17, 2008 - 14 comments



tingling sensations



I really don't know how to word this cause it's sort of difficult to describe what I'm feeling. I have been having what feels to me like a buzzing sensation in my left foot (sole) not my toes not near the heel it seems to remain in the same location. I have been experiencing it now for over 3 days. I'm hoping it's nothing but the fact that it's a persistent feeling that doesn't seem to want to go away, I'm beginning to get concerned. I've tried elevating my foot, massaging and doing exercises to relieve it and nothing seems to work. It's a constant buzzing (mild vibrating) like sensation that even when I try to go to sleep at night never lets up. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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by LANGEJL, Jun 18, 2008

The thread has been on for over a year or so and many people have the same problem.  Many people on the forum have had MRI's ...seen many many doctors, and no one has been able to get a clear diagnosis.


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by Janfoura, Jul 07, 2008
Jen...I just read your post and I have to say I am experiencing the same thing you are/were.  It started 4 nights ago...I felt a buzzing sensation when I went to bed in my left foot.  I didnt think much of it and went to sleep.  However, for the last 3 nights especially, but during the day too, I have felt is not will go away for awhile and then come back. I thought since I am on the pill maybe I have a blood clot or something, so I have been worried.  Now, however, I am feeling it in my right big toe as well.  It is soooo annoying and is keeping me awake at night!  I have been massaging it and stretching as well, but it's not helping.  I havent gone to the doctor, but if it keeps up I will.  It sounds like no one can get a clear answer though...let me know how you are.


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by jrm0742, Jul 08, 2008

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing the same thing. I think however my symptons have subsided. It lasted for over a week and then just went away?? I was concerned because my dad has just been recently diagnosed with having Parkinsons so maybe I was psychosymatically causing my condition. I don't know? I find when I think about it, it almost feels like it wants to start up again, so I have just been trying to stay relaxed. It's very strange, but anyway, thanks so much for asking how I'm doing. I truly hope that if your condition continues that you can find out what it is. Best of luck to you.


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by Lotalisa, Oct 02, 2008
It's such a relief to hear others are experiencing the same thing as I do!
I've had some back problems for about a year, with severe tingling and cramps in the left leg.
Disk protrusion they call it.
Surgery seemed to be the only option, until somebody suggested me to stretch my spine!
This worked wonderfully! The pain has gone! Just by hanging a couple of times a day!

But now a new tingling sensation has occurred. This time in both feet, and only the soles of my feet.
It feels different from the other pain I had, but I'm scared that that may come back.
It feels weird, it doesn't hurt, but it is like a buzzing, tingling sensation, which I have not control over.
Sometimes it's gone, like when I move around. But when I'm still, sitting or lying in bed, it's there.
Really annoying and at night I can't sleep and worry about it!
I hope this will just pass....?!


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by kotanui, Jun 22, 2009
It all sounds like the awakening of  Kundalini. Look it up

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by allibaba, Oct 15, 2009
I have been feeling a buzzing vibration in the ball of my right foot usually when it is in a shoe and flat on the ground. It is odd and you do think of MS but I am mostly observing it as an oddity which will go as mysteriously as it came. I love the comment about Kundalini- lets look for a positive spin- anxiety will probably exacerbate symptom.

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by rat361, Feb 02, 2010
Hey, I've been experiencing the same symptom... started as a light feeling as though a spider was tickling my foot and now I have a permanent buzzing/tingling in my left foot.

The doctor had no solution, but from some research there could be varying factors to consider:

- are you getting enough sleep? this can effect certain transmitters from brain around the body and can have some bizarre side effects.
- have you been tested for diabetes?
- are you drinking too much alcohol?

The above may be a cause of your symptoms, check out the above and see if you have any improvement.
Anxiety and stress can also play a part - try yoga and meditation for a couple of weeks and see of the symptoms vanish.

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by sleepstight, Mar 10, 2010
The frustration is maddening! This is no joke, try masturbation or sex. It works like a charm - I kid you not.

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by lawz24, Jun 10, 2010
i have the same problem i have like a buzzing/tingling in the sole of my right foot, I've had it for over 3 days now and is getting worried and just wants to now if it will go away.

Laura x

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by kerrry8, Jul 02, 2010
i just started having the same thing. i'm hoping it's only a pinched nerve in my leg or hip, but i will follow this site for a while or see a doctor.

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by michelle15, Oct 09, 2010
i have a tingle on inside foot when i walk for 2 days now anyone know why

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by Ndobbins, Oct 10, 2010
Mine started with numbness in left foot toes about a year ago & about three months ago the buzzing on sole of right foot. Felt like sliding on ice at times. Also buzzing in head & tingling in body all over.
MRI recent showed few changes since three years ago. Going for second spinal tap tomorrow & dreading it!
Oh, I rarely drink alcohol, tested negative for diabetes & thyroid. Just hope for a answer soon.
Take care & know you aren't alone!

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by ColsKay, Dec 22, 2013
I see that these posts are at least 3 years old, but I have just started experiencing this tingling in the bottom of my left foot to the arch. It started as a mild vibration, kind of like a variably idling engine - I could feel it and then it would stop vibrating only to start again. It doesn't affect my sleep or walking but is kind of annoying. I did some research on the Internet for Parkinsons, MS and other nervous afflictions, but nothing. I must admit I laughed out loud when I read rat361 asking if I drank too much alcohol. It's the Christmas season, and yes, I'm drinking more than normal. I'll back off and see if this disappears like it did for allibaba. Thanks and I hope some new folks post or we get some answers!

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by Reeshae, Sep 29, 2015
I feel the same sensation mainly in mg left foot Bin the area close to my big toe..  Its annoying , and I am unclear to where this buzzing or vibraton is coming from.  I thought it might be anxiety , diet , or the the way I am laying. The medicine I am taking or it may be related to circulation! I don't know. I am in good shape. I get exercise everyday . so idk where this annoying fit vibration is coming from .

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