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Thanksgiving Blues

Nov 27, 2009 - 0 comments









My family

Happy Thanksgiving! Yesterday I went to visit family on my mom's side that I havn't seen in around 4 or 5 years. The experience was miserable. Everyone there was somewhere around 50 years older than us and the only thing I heard for the entirety of the day was "You've got so big!". Everyone was throwing mini party like fits over how tall and old my brother and I were getting. I got the inevitable 'what are you doing after school' question around 35 times. I had to repeatedly explain where I was going and what I was doing

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't enjoy visiting my family, it's just that I hardly knew any of them and I was irritated with how 'interested' they were with my life when none of them knew who I was. Another factor that made my day worse was that I was approximately 5 hours away from my boyfriend and have been for several days now. (Yes I am aware that I sound like an over dramatic teenager but the factis that while I don't mind being away from him, as in it's not goingto kill me, hehas been the most stable person in my life for the past few months and it's hard for me to not have him there to support me.)

Now I am at my mom's house for another 3 days. We are having supper with my step-dad's neice, her husband, and their two year old daughter. The daughter screams... a lot. Because of my back, I am sinsitive to headaches and this little girl, while cute, is starting to cause some serious ear damage. (not litterally)

Anyway, I think I will return to my misery now.

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