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MY 2 Month old has RSV

Nov 28, 2009 - 4 comments

Before he got sick...

Im so scared. My son is on life support. 5 days now. He gets better and than all of a sudden he gets worse. Is there neone out there who can help. His lungs are all clouded. And his oxegyn went as low as 64. or 61. They had him on the bag until it stayed up on his own with the ventilater. Does anyone have any input. Please pray everyone!

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784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Nov 28, 2009
i am so sorry your going thru this...stay strong.,....god is good

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by Cherie762, Nov 28, 2009
My middle child had RSV at age 5 months..there was quite an outbreak...12 babies in icu,
he was not on life support but was in an oxygen tent.
what type of device do they have on his face for oxygen? being young as he is I know he would pull at anything once he is able but at 61 or so I would like to think drs had an o2 line down his nose to lungs that should bring o2 up. Is head of crib elevated? have they given him any steroids to strengthen lungs? Albuterol treatments?

If hospital does not have him on reverse isolation I would insist on it..anyone who visits or holds him needs a mask and gloves. to protect your son from any viruses they may be carrying.

I wish your family well and you will be in my prayers.
My son is 16 and very healthy now...he was in hospital 7 days when he had rsv and we had to really watch him for 2 weeks after that ..I slept on a sleeping bag next to his crib,,

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by Annie454, Nov 29, 2009
Thank you so much for the input. Hes on a dregar ventilater. Life support. His head is elevated. I am staying very strong. Your words helped me alot. He is actually breathing on his own now. I'm confued cuz they say his lungs are still clouded. But it could be because of the phemonia. It has been well over one week exactly. 8 days tomorrow on the vent. But going on 9 days in the hospital. It just hurts so much seeing him like this. From what the doctors are saying he's getting better. But they are never quite sure on what they say.

His eyes are open, and he has lots of movement. Especially when I talk to him. So I try to stay in the shadows here in the room with him. Im with him every night since it happened, except for one. I had problems coping with it. So I stayed home and rested. They said they want to take him off the ventilater. Like an attemt to see how he does. But of course if needs it still after. They will replace it.

765043 tn?1234583003
by Annie454, Nov 29, 2009
Oh they are doing albuterol treatments and IPV. Its a good hospital. They are doing the best they can.

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