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Jun 17, 2008 - 2 comments

Well i want to thank you all for taking the time to try and help me. Today wasn,t really bad for me i guess i think that i am getting more and more used to the pain. ( i guess lol). Besides the fact of trying to take care of myself im trying to take care of my husband he has sciatica and i guess i can just handle pain more then him so i made him a bath and warshed cause i always try to put him before me. but i guess u also have to think a women has to have more of a pain tolorance if we can have children lol. i hope all of you are well, now its time to lay in bed and be awake all night after i give the hubby a back massage so he can sleep. goodnight all and god bless you


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by cramer65, Jun 18, 2008
i can in some ways understand how you feel. i have arth of the spine, fibro, and post polio. all cause lots and lots of pain. yet i am to take care of others 1st. i have give my wife the massage and she falls to sleep while i am doing it.

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by BabyGirl9682, Jun 18, 2008
that is great that you can do that for your wife she is one lucky girl, i wish my husband could deal with the pain enough to help me i have not stoped at all today as he sits and does nothing, i guess i just get so mad i dont know what to do lol. im i just so happy when im able to sleep nothing else matters lol the pain and the rls just doesnt let me sleep much. good luck to you and let your wife know she is lucky.  hope you feel better or get the help you need

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