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May have finally found the answer... :(

Feb 24, 2015 - 0 comments

wow maybe the end is in sight...

I found out via the new doctor that after a blood test my vitamin D and B12 levels are pretty low...

B12= 272  (NORMAL= 345~1485)

D= 21 (NORMAL=30~80)

He also said my white blood cells are down and talked about Leukopenia (lack of folic acid...from grains pfft..) basically my diet is to blame for this... I am possibly celiac and fructose intolerant.

I'm not sure if Quinoa has folic acid in it but I'm going to try and find a good multivitamin powder that I can handle...*crosses fingers* hopefully I can find one my body will tolerate...

sad stuff though...low vitamin D can cause depression (me...)
and low B12 can cause a whole host of problems..lack of energy.. (me) lack of concentration (me) depression (me) anxiety (me) IBS symptoms (me me me..)

so yeah... i've been taking vitamin D and B12 powder and so far I haven't found any difference but I'm going to try and buy B12 patches...(maybe I can't digest B12 well...)  Honestly I just want the shot... I'm ready to get feeling better... I've been sick for so many years :'(

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