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Vitex For Balancing Progesterone levels:  Started Nov. 1, 2009

Nov 29, 2009 - 6 comments

Well, Vitex is 'WONDERFUL!!!...Because it has done its job of balancing this cycle and progesterone levels without the use of ProgonB:)  I started taking the tincture on CD12 (Nov 1, 2009.) @ 30 drops/3 times/day until AF showed on CD29 (Nov. 12th, 2009.)  I felt very balanced this cycle and temps showed this:)    

I started my second cycle on Vitex(tablets):  CD8 (Nov. 19th, 2009.) @ 1 tablet/3 times/day up until AF.  It is recommended not to take Vitex during AF because it's not needed and it gives the body a chance to cleanse.

'O' day:  CD18 (Nov. 29th, 2009)

'AF' day:  CD30 (Dec.11th, 2009) for 7 days

Vitex:  CD8 (Dec. 18th, 2009)

Right now I'm on CD13 (Dec. 23, 2009)  and I'm starting to see a similar pattern to my bbt charts when I compare them to each other.  This is showing me that I'm still balanced because temps are where they are suppose to be.  During your Estrogen part of the cycle (roughly from CD1-CD14) your temps should remain on the low side and during your Progesterone part of the cycle (roughly from CD15- CD30) you should 'O' and carry much higher temps till 'AF' shows and temps drop again.  If your temps stay high with no AF then it usually means your pregnant:)  If you don't see significant temp. differences between your Estrogen and Progesterone parts of your cycle then it could mean that your hormones are off balance or your not temping the same way at the same time everyday.

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134578 tn?1578157483
by AnnieBrooke, Nov 29, 2009
Not familiar with Vitex.  If it is a tincture, is it a homeopathic product?  

611149 tn?1540336138
by Preciouspg, Nov 29, 2009
Yes, Vitex is all natural(homeopathic) and you can get in tincture or tablets.

1117914 tn?1324101402
by coylee012002, Dec 09, 2009
Do u have to take it when AF showed up?

611149 tn?1540336138
by Preciouspg, Dec 10, 2009
My doctor said I can, but after doing some more research on it, I decided to not take during AF because it isn't needed.

1082535 tn?1272112368
by Kelster823, Dec 22, 2009
well I am gonna keep up with you sweetie, cause I just started taking mine today :)  I am soooooooooooo wishing for BFPs' for us :)

611149 tn?1540336138
by Preciouspg, Dec 23, 2009
Awwee...Thank-you Sweetheart:)  I'm going to update this journal with more wonderful news that Vitex is still working...YAY!!!  Yes, lets keep in touch.

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