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Started bleeding

Jun 18, 2008 - 2 comments



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So Sunday I started some brown bleeding. I will called the Dr. Monday and made an earlier appt. I have an appt scheduled for July 18th but now I need a sooner appt. So we will see what they say and how far along I am for sure... I go for th first appt and ultrasound today!!!

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475222 tn?1214260956
by Nikaya131, Jul 26, 2008
I have this too , im so scared

I saw babys heatbeat it was 116bpm

And my levels hgc is 3320 7weeks

I started with just when wiping, old blood, then blood turned to pink when wiped,

I put pad on to keep an eye on bleed and just old brown blood

I have to have u/s on 4th august

Ive had bleed now for 5days

and it to started after sex.....

I am so scard, as the last couple of days my bb are not sore anymore, as b4 i couldnt touch, im scared there

stopped hurting cause im no longer pregnant,

My progesterone is 27.2

If any one can help me with ANY answers please email me

Just to ease my mined.

From all i read its normal, but don't make me feel better

475222 tn?1214260956
by Nikaya131, Jul 26, 2008
How did you go????

Please let me know

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