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Test results and symptoms

Nov 29, 2009 - 3 comments

Well, Wed 11/25, I got a call from NS office. They said that all tests seem to normal and no problems. I asked about current symptoms, and she replied she didn't know but they didn't seem to be from chiari. The doc didn't even bother to call me himself and I felt tossed aside, like well, we did the surgery, we fixed it. There fore, there can be no problems.

I'm glad that the results came back good, that means there is nothing glaringly obvious wrong. However, it also means that something is going on and we don't know what. So, now I will contact Dr C and ask for referral to Dr Frim for second opinion and for consultation.

Last Sat, 11/27, we were at my dad's for Thankgiving. Riley was just sititng there and had Charles come get me. He told me he had numbness, tingling in chest area, and both arms. I told him rest and if any worse, let me know.  He continues to have some headaches, back pain, and flashing lights in his vision.

That's it for tonight.

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by selmaS, Nov 29, 2009

I am glad that there does not appear to be a big issue, but with those symptoms u still have to wonder....has ur DS been dx'd with DDD or spinal stinoses?

These conditions can cause some of the symptoms u mentioned.

Something to ask about during ur second opinion visit.

Good luck

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by Alex265, Nov 30, 2009
I also have just been diagnosed with Type I Chiari, it has changed my life, why now at 44? I don't know, but it's not easy, I have constant headaches and I'm told where these are located have nothing to do with chiari, but the pressure on base of my skull is interfering with my everyday life, spend alot of time with heating pad there. Also the vertigo that comes and goes out of nowhere are not easy to deal with, I work full time and commute there, I also have two little ones.
Is chiari a genetic thing? my oldest daughter seems to have worst symptoms then me and been told for years that they don't know cause of back pain and headache, she also has scoliosis, I've been telling her to get a brain mri that's the only test she's never had.

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by sherimom, Dec 10, 2009
I just saw these now...I would've responded sooner.

Selma - I will look into it, thanks. It seems to me there was something about some degeneration in the discs or something, I will have to look back and see.

Alex - sorry I didn't respond sooner..... how old is your daughter?  My son is 16 and just had the surgery Jan 09.  It can be genetic, if I remember correctly there are some studies going on with this. The hard part, I think, is having to advocate for yourself with doctors when you don't feel well.  It's hard enough when you have to fight for someone else, but at least I didn't have to deal with myself having symptoms while we were going through this. what is your herniation level?  Did they tell you how big it is?  Even smaller herniations can have significant impact.  Your daughter should probably have an MRI and if she does have chiari, she should see a specialist if at all possible. Have you seen a specialist yet?  Let me know and good luck!

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