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i really want to start buying stuff

Nov 30, 2009 - 1 comments









babies room

we have nothing for baby. but a few outfits (6-9 mo) from when i was a kid and bought stuff for stuffed animals. and a small pack of diapers that a friend left in the trunk of our car and i found months later. lol. oh and one bottle. i just feel like i need to put something in the babies room. but im having 2 baby showers in january! so i should get pretty much everything i need then. ill be having a work one here in tucson and then im supose to be flying to new york because my mom is going to throw me one. and knowing her she is going to invite everyone! so thats going to be huge, just like my bridal shower. i just want to buy things :( and now i have to wait..

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by Sunkissed19, Nov 30, 2009
omg i SO know how you feel! i am dying to buy stuff....i hate feeling like April is getting so close and i have absolutley nothing! i hate being unprepared more than anything but at the same time i dont want to buy anything because i want to see what im gonna get at my baby shower first! becuz i dont want to buy something that someone else may buy for me...but its really hard when ur online or in the store and you see a great deal on something and your like g's ill prolly get this for free at my shower but what if i dont and i couldve gotten it for cheap just now?! i just want my baby shower to come already!! mines in febuary...i think im having 2 as well because my family and df's family live in 2 different towns! i just dont want to feel  like i have to rush to get everything i didnt get at the shower when im all huge ya know? i hate waiting!!

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