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My Life

Jun 18, 2008 - 2 comments

Life has been one huge roller coaster through hell and back up through earth lately.  I saw a psychiatrist in April 2008 and now I know the name of this ride I'm on is bipolar disorder.  The sad thing is I never asked to get on this carnival ride, and now they tell me I can't get back off.  But, I'm sure there are bound to be some thrills along the way, and my husband and friends are waving at me from below, encouraging me to go on.  And one day I will find a purpose for this life and fulfill it.  I know God is in control and He made me the way I am for a reason. He supplied me with enough help to get through the worst days.  I just keep on living, and the sun rises even when my world spins backward.  

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by determined2beatit, Jun 18, 2008
Hang in there girl!!! You got it right! God is good...he will help you to get through this and we're all here for you! Bipolar seems like a curse but I have found it made me a very strong person and you too will understand it all so well someday and be in control. I'm glad you have a supportive husband and friends.Take one day at a time and don't think past that! You have to be tough and SMART to endure this illness....not very many people I know can.

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by Tink70, Jun 18, 2008
And to think that I thought I was the only one that thought BP was a "roller coaster"! LOL  SO GOOD to hear someone else say that!  It can suck, can't it?  But when the days are good.....they are really, really good!  It gets better, promise!  First it's the roller coaster that you have been living on, then it's the roller coaster of medication (you might get lucky though) and then it kinda turns into a "kiddy coaster"!  The hills aren't so bad and the turns don't hurt so much and the drops aren't so high or deep.  Then you just thank God for the meds and then you start to put the puzzle pieces together that make up your life and you find all these new ones...ones you never even knew where there...with new colors and shapes....and then you notice that the puzzle isn't even in the same shape that you thought it was in and it's kinda frightening but you hang in there and there is a sense of serenity that you FINALLY know what is WRONG!  And you FINALLY know what to do about it!  
Hope all goes well!

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