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Herpes or???

Dec 01, 2009 - 0 comments








I am a 20 year old male born in the US but currently livinh in Ukraine. I have been here for a little longer then 3 months. A few days ago after about 2 days of rigorous masturbation i spotted about 5 tiny blisters on the right side an inch below the head.They can be popped but they dont really hurt or itch.They are in kind of a clump. the clump is red and some of the blisters are red and some are a greyish color. ive had no discharge or painful urination. Ive had no other physical symtoms live fever or anything like that  I had unprotected sex with a 32 year old woman a few times before i left. During this period she had contracted a yeast infection and went to the gyno about it. we tryed to have sex a few times while she had it but she said the pain was too great. The other day i had also eaten chicken that was bad and made my family very sick that night. then 4 days later i noticed these blisters. Im 4000 miles away from home and dont speak the ukranian language. Please help, do i have herpes, a penile yeast infection or just a skin infection?

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