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giving up my kid and giving up on this fight to stay alive

Dec 01, 2009 - 1 comments

giving up



she is better off with out me and i am in no state to take care of her i started self harming again this time i went back to hitting wall and my hand is almost to be brock my back two nuckles are burning and i hate it i just cant belive i put my kid trow all this and now i am giving her up like my life i am giving up everything i llove and need to do better i hurt or dissapornt everyone i love and i dont see that changing any time soon i want to cut so bad but i have noting to that with so i am forced to bet my hand on the walls and hope it brakes so this pain will stop for a little wile

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by margypops, Dec 01, 2009
I am sorry that this is happening to you, I am wondering if you could let your child go to family temporarily whilst you get help, perhaps you have asked for help but it hasnt been working, but there are others out there with other ideas to help you. Take a big Breath..stop what you are doing ...stop thinking,it is very often our thoughts that make us feel worse. This is a bad moment but it will pass, everything does,you may be right that at this moment in time she would be better off with your Mom or a friend whilst you find your self. Talking helps . Plenty of help here, do not give up and  know that others care about you ...PM me ..  Hugs Marg

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