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lump or bump under my skin on my mons pubis

Dec 01, 2009 - 2 comments



mons pubis


Genital Warts




follicle infection

i have a bump/lump under my skin on my mons pubis its been there for a week now it started small taught it was a razor bump so i tried to pop it nuttin happened so i eft it ony a day later its bigger so i try to pop it again and white stuff comes out and then liquid clear next day it was just hurting. now it went down stop hurting i was takin a shower and it didnt burn just like a weird feelin cant explain it...what is it i had one b4 not the same place. looked it up and they said sumthing about follicle infection or sumthing like dat...just wanna kno what it is cus its freakin me out a bit like y is it happening again cant go to the docs yet out of school for a semester so no insurance til jan.......donated blood so il check if i have nething waiting on dat... i thn i shoud include i have hpv genital warts also an abnorma pap did the cryo therapy, back in late august . does this have anything to do with it

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by libra106, May 30, 2010
hi. i have the same problem as yours.. it really bugs me coz im thinking it was some kind of STD (but i have a monogamous relationship) so its rily confusing. i dont have the guts to consult a physician since im only 22 years old.. what happen to yours? now, i had a lesion on my mons pubis.,when the lump suddenly pops out, it creates a scar now.. what did u do?

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by chikketa, Jun 06, 2010
i had this palpable mass beneath my mons pubis. If
you could see it externally, you wouldn't find anything unusual until you
palpate it. you will feel the pea size mass just below the mons pubis.
i had sex like 10 months ago. and this sign just showed like 2 weeks ago. i am
going nuts thinking about what i am going through.
please help me. the mass is not painful or anything. it doesnt cause me any
discomfort too. I dont have any gross vaginal discharge too.

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