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20 Week Scan

Dec 02, 2009 - 9 comments

I had my 20 week scan yesterday, I had been really looking forward to it but found out at the last minute that my partner wasn't going to be able to make it in time which upset me a little bit.

I took my sister with me instead and it was nice to share the baby with her.

All looked absolutely wonderful, baby was very active, kicking and moving about, mostly playing with his feet. I wasn't going to find out the sex as I wanted to wait until my partner was with me but as the technician was scanning the baby it was very obvious and she confirmed at the end that I am having another boy... thats 3 I have in total now!!!!!

The baby is measuring a week ahead of dates but thankfully that won't change my due date. I have promised myself that now that I have seen my beautiful healthy little miracle looking perfect and can feel him moving around that I am going to finally start enjoying my pregnancy, allow myself to bond with my little boy and make plans for his arrival as up until now I have been terrified as I keep thinking my dream is going to end !! I went to the shops on the way home and bought a few babyblue bits of clothing and a beautiful soft blue blanket and I am going to start buying all the essentials he will need, moses basket, crib, bedding, clothes etc!!

I am SO thankful for this blessing and can't wait until he is safely in my arms! Only 17 weeks left to that wonderful day :)

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951477 tn?1293068687
by Ladybugbc, Dec 02, 2009
So happy for you Debbie. Your baby is the best example to show that Miracels DO happen. Enjoy every bit of it and your little baby boy will be in your arms safely before you know it :) I saw the picture and he is so cute and perfect. Good for you :D

991222 tn?1333990733
by Steph_b, Dec 02, 2009
Debbie That is amazing! I'm glad everything went well.  I agree it is time for you to enjoy your pregancy now, and start getting ready for your little boys arival.  Time will go quickly I'm sure!

924332 tn?1284573918
by Princessa745, Dec 02, 2009
Yay Deb!!! That is so wonderful that you got to see your baby boy moving around and that you can feel him moving around now!! I'm happy that you can start to enjoy your pregnancy more!! Congratulations!!!!!!

758493 tn?1271611163
by tinkerbell101, Dec 02, 2009
Thank you! I have always been grateful for everyday I have been pregnant and know how lucky I am, I just feel now I can start to believe that at the end of my pregnancy I will actually recieve a little bundle and it feels SO wonderful!!!!

You guys are not far behind me!! Its so nice to have your support and be able to share in your pregnancies too! Hugs to you all xx

897494 tn?1267476064
by crystalwolf, Dec 05, 2009
That is so wonderful!! I'm sorry your partner couldn't be there. But what a miracle, I am so happy for you! a healthy little boy! Boys are great! and SO much easier then girls. (from what I hear) I am so excited for the both of us! Congrats!

1000766 tn?1296746001
by msteri, Dec 05, 2009
Congratulations!!! I totally understand your apprehension and I'm so happy everything is okay.

167 tn?1374173817
by jenstam, Dec 13, 2009
I missed this and I'm sorry. I came searching to find out if you know the gender. A little boy...congrats!! Boys are great, as you know (: I love my two little guys!! Glad to hear you are bonding more and enjoying your pregnancy more now. I'm so happy for you!!

760797 tn?1303264540
by natalie910, Jan 07, 2010
I don't know how I missed this but it is so wonderful that you can now enjoy it. I am waiting for the day I can breathe easier. I can't wait until your little guy arrives!

209987 tn?1451935465
by tschock, Feb 13, 2010
Congratz! Boys are wonderful too...I had number 4 last March. lol
Just checking in to see how you're doing. Hope all is fine. I know how the last trimester can seem like forever.
Wishing you the best.

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