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Molar Pregnancy

Dec 02, 2009 - 4 comments

This is my missed miscarriage journal #4.
I will be exactly 12 weeks tomarrow. 2 days ago my doctor wanted me to get another hcg draw .I went in and  was urprised agin with the results.The levels are still rising.They are at 101,621 on Nov 30. On Nov 16th they were 85,283.0.  I had a 2nd ultrasound done and the results are in on that also.The radiologist stated that it appears that I have a molar pregnancy with no fetal parts seen at all.This means that an empty egg was fertilized and the placenta is what is growing inside me. Now the placenta is filled with tumorous tissue and is filling my entire uterus. I have to have a D&C because I cannot naturally misscarry on my own.I have been waiting to misscarry for over 3 weeks now .The stress is awful. My body still thinks that it is pregnant and I am so sick all of the time.I am cramping on my side now and have been very nauseous. I vomit atleast twice a day and my abdomen is definately huge.It is really hard to hide this pregnancy now.
   That being said unfortunately my DH does not understand at all!! He thinks that since there is no baby that there is nothing inside me and is in total denial.I know!! It is totally insane right? He is worried abot medical bills "since we have no insurance" so I think that is what is worrying him the most.He wishes that I could just misscarry on my own like I did the last 3 times. I have been spotting brown for what seems like this entire pregnancy and my levels are still rising.
  I just finished applying online for Medical help and they sent me a letter that says that I appear to qualify for the program. Then I called the Health Dept and asked some questions.They will cover my medical bills for the prior 3 months!!Yay!!!!! Thank GOD!!!! I can't tell you what this means to me. I just told DH and he finally agreed to let me schedule the D&C. I hope that I can get it done soon because we are scheduled to leave for our Christmas vacation on Dec 23 in the AM.
I just told my husband and

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924332 tn?1284577518
by Princessa745, Dec 02, 2009
Oh Deb, that is crazy!! Im so glad you were able to get some medical insurance to cover the bills. Definitely does not sound healthy. I hope they can schedule your D&C pronto!!

758493 tn?1271614763
by tinkerbell101, Dec 02, 2009
Ah Debbie what a horrible time you are having. I am so sorry you are still going through this nightmare.

Men are so black and white aren't they... 2 dimensional and just don't understand the implications. My other half was very matter of fact when we lost our baby last year, they just don't have the emotions that we have or the hormones.

I can relate to that frustrated feeling you have with your pregnancy symptoms, as I have said to you before I had a similar problem with my m/c where the placenta carried on supporting the sac and dead fetus.. and like you my uterus carried on growing :(

I am relieved you have managed to get your medical care sorted out and can draw a closure on this. I can imagine you are still putting on a brave face and trying to play it all down so that your DH won't be scared off of trying again and once again am just so pleased we are all hear to lift you up with support when you need to grieve and vent. I really hope you manage to get the D&C done soon so you can recover in time for your vacation and begin the new year with a fresh start and a nice healthy womb.

Sending you lots of love and hugs. Deb xx

870652 tn?1260323036
by selaiwa, Dec 02, 2009
Thanks so much ladies!
I am waiting for the Doctor to call me back with available appointments. I have decided that I definately will not be trying to concieve again.This was just too much to handle and I just want my life and my body back.

758493 tn?1271614763
by tinkerbell101, Jan 05, 2010
Debbie, I tried leaving you a note and sending you a message but can't for some reason.

I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing. I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family and are keeping well. I have had you on my mind alot recently and wanted you to know I am thinking about you and miss you being around. Take care, Debs x

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