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2 weeks feels like 2 months

Jun 19, 2008 - 0 comments

So here I am not really sleeping well thinking about the ultrasound yesterday. I keep trying to focus on the heartbeat, but the Dr.'s concern sort f out weighs the heartbeat. My last pregnancy there was a heartbeat in all 6 of my ultrasounds. The baby was growing and moving and for all intensive purposes healthy. I still m/c at 14 weeks. I was bleeding from 9 weeks and n bed rest for that last 5 weeks, but now I am only 7 weeks and I am having that same familiar brown spotting... I know worrying and stressing is not good for baby but how do you not?
I don't know if I can go throught this again if something goes wrong. I was devistated last summer when we lost our little boy. It was the most horrible thing I ever had to go through. I have severe complications following... I had t have 2 d&c's, and a laporoscopy becuase the hormonal inbalance caused me to have 2 ruptured cysts. One one each ovary. I was in the hospital for 9 days and sent home on antibiotics for 3 weeks following the dischage from an infection the cystic fluids gave me.
Another m/c is out of the question... I'm just needing somewhere to vent right now since my husband is always telling me to be positive...

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