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Loreena, babies and the litter box

Dec 03, 2009 - 3 comments

The first time Loreena entered home was the day she was starting phase 1 od delivery -dilatation -about 6PM
Maternity box and cat at the bathroom, she almost imediately showed the same behaviour some people here already comented = peeing at the same time of me,at the drain hole ( and covering it with the rubber rug)
About 10 PM thing was not showing progress,she was like normal,eating and hunting.And I was running after an old baker pan painters sometimes use,in the backyard.And stealing common sand from a building nearby (we have a private security on the street and he saw me :-)
Loreena accepted those perfectly - for sure it was a lot small for one used to having the whole mount as bathroom but she did.For the time she didnt leave the place, she gladly used it.
I took some days to buy one appropriate cat's sand and when I did - she hated!!!
Not sure if it was because by that time she was already going outside and prefers .Not even tried the green plastic box I had buy her (gladly I found one at 1,99 store costing just 1,00 ; it was 8,00 at the pet!)

Now I dont know if she will or wont teach the kittens about,they wont see her using if she's back to using hiding places...
Stuff is still there.
Girl is a lot "natural" I remember her playing with peaches cores and sticks by herself and ignoring ever ball I ever tried give her.
Good thing is: she scratches trees and the garage support, not the furniture.
Bad one : I'm afraid of putting a collar on her - she already showed me she's half able to get rid off .No sure if a different model will be safer.

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by Jade59, Dec 03, 2009
Hi AppleBr,  

I commented on the forum, but will repeat here again.  You may have to show the kittens yourself by putting them in the box and taking their paw and scratching the sand.  I believe kittens will learn from this example.

Now the collar.  Do they sell those "breakaway" collars where you are?  It's a collar that snaps closed but will breakaway if kitty gets hung up on something, but oh, I guess your saying Loreena can escape from the collar you had on her?  

Well, anyway...good luck with teaching the babies how to use the litter box!!

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by AppleBr, Dec 04, 2009
Loreena is back to the litter box - when there's no better option( in her opinion! )
There's a expression in Portuguese , literaly translated would be "Its good for raining days! " means something so-so, not so good but works. Its exactly what its happening, she uses when going outside is not good for her.
Tell you later on about the collar.

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by AppleBr, Dec 05, 2009
About the collar
Yes I see Loreena twice with one arm completely introduced in = the collar was the way we sometimes use purses,
Not sure if was my fault not closing the stuff as much as I should but that collar lock is not like belts, theres no holes and the stuff to be introduced in them; just a place to introduce the free extremity.
Not sure if the kind with holes will be better, anyway a long time had passed and now they probably wont exchange it anymore...
Girl  used that  just for hours, to test - I dont want bother her during  this busy maternity period.Maybe I give another try in the future.

PS I started regreting wish her using litter box - had to clean that three to four times yesterday!!
And the package weight 4 kg,  I guess I will buy 2 and ask the shop to kindly deliver them ...

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