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Potential story?

Dec 04, 2009 - 0 comments

Evan was having a rather low day. Anything could put his mood in a decent place, and it could be easily stricken down to the lowest of lows. The only escape he had lately was to play his guitar. Play anything as loud as he could. Adalyn knew how her brother was feeling today, so she didn’t dare say a word when she saw him snatch his guitar, car keys, and pull out of the driveway wordlessly.

He didn’t necessarily have any destination in mind, he just wanted to go to a wide-open space, perhaps breezy, just to play. He decided on the beach. When he arrived, he scoped the elongated white beach and chose a large boulder to prop himself up on. The moment seemed so surreal, just sitting on top of the water and watching the world below him with his guitar.  This was where he wanted to be. This was his heaven.

As Evan retrieved his guitar by the neck and gently placed it across his lap, as if cradling a small child, his extensive fingers struck a few brass strings, releasing soft notes into the midst. Glimpsing at the scarlet blazed coastline, he inhaled the moment, the air, so deeply, as if taking his first breath. Evan lowered his viridian eyes to his hands as they began their work. His fingers gracefully danced across the golden strings. He soon began to lose himself in the musical notes that flowed freely from his acoustic.

Upon concluding his song, Evan peered up expecting to see an illuminated sky, but instead saw a dark, blanketed atmosphere peppered with distant stars.

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