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06/19/2008-Miserable today-Fire training

Jun 19, 2008 - 1 comments

Okay, I've missed a whole week practically.  Here's what you've missed.  I've been been running my bottom off like crazy.  I'm so exhausted today that I can barely stand.  The fire department is just killing me.  We had a couple of calls so I was wearing full turn out gear (for those of you who don't know what this means it's a whole bunch of heavy equipment that weighs roughly sixty to seventy pounds) for about two to three hours each night on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  I'm tired, exhausted, and probably dehydrated.  I lost two pounds in water weight on Tuesday night and one pound last night just from sweating alone.  I know, I am complaining.  I love the fire department but lord help me, I only weigh around 135 and that gear weighs around 60-70lbs.  That's almost half my body weight.  I'm sore and now I have open wounds where I scratched myself or got a busted blister.  These men are tough and they forget that I am half their size and a female.  I'm a banker too.  Sorry, I am a wuss I suppose.  I'm down today.  Mad at myself because I panicked when my air pack ran out in a training "fire".  One minute I had air and the next minute, I was breathing nothing.  It was like drowning only without the water.  Very creepy.  So I panicked.  Most people do I am told but I am still mad at myself.  This only makes me want to do some physical conditioning some more.  Looking at getting a weighted vest to get used to carrying weight around my torso.  That might help with the air pack.  Other than that, the migraines have been okay.  I think with the stress, I've had a few more than usual but that's normal.  No more, no less.  Still giving it some time until I have to go see the doc.  Not eating much today but I think that is still due to last night.  Just want to curl up in bed and sleep.  Very miserable today.

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by bh6080, Jun 20, 2008
You are an amazing person, to do all you do.You are not a "wuss" if you was you wouldn't be doing what you are.If you enjoy it and it make's you happy Keep it up,you will only get better with time.Good luck

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