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How do you get an STD?

Jun 19, 2008 - 13 comments




One of the most frequent questions in the STD communities is about "I did this, can I get that?"

Here are ways you can get an std:

*  performing oral sex

*  receiving oral sex

*  rubbing genitals together

*  sharing sex toys (if they have been cleaned, or not used in awhile, this is not a concern)

*  vaginal intercourse

*  anal intercourse

Here are ways you can't get an std:

*  sharing a glass or drink, an eating utensil, etc. with someone who has one

*  sharing chap stick or other lip balms, lipsticks, etc.

*  toilet seats

*  hugging

*  kissing

*  masturbation by yourself

*  mutual masturbation (ie, hand jobs, fingering someone else)

*  dry humping when at least one person has clothes on (even if you are stripped down to your undies or its a lap dance)

*  licking or sucking nipples

There are others, and I am sure I will be adding to this list.

Now, I am sure someone will ask me about oral herpes (hsv1).  You can transmit hsv1 by kissing, sharing utensils, glasses, chap sticks/lip stuff, etc.  However, that's not considered an std in this way.  When hsv1 is transmitted from someone's mouth to someone else's genitals, that's could be considered an std.  It really doesn't make a difference though.  Its just in how you choose to word it.

Feel free to add to this list if I have forgotten anything.  (Please do not ask me specific questions about your situation here though.  That's appropriate to post on our forums.)

As always, if you are concerned about having an std, please get tested.  No one, even a doctor, can diagnose you over the internet no matter how badly you want them to.  

And use condoms!!


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Avatar universal
by Anderman, Apr 20, 2009
Great list! One question though, isn't hep B transmitted through kissing?

207091 tn?1337713093
by auntiejessi, Apr 20, 2009
No, it isn't.  If it were, we'd all have it.

There is a vaccination for hep B.  If you haven't had it, talk to your doctor about it.


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by vvwjjman, Apr 28, 2009
Dear AJ

If I got the hand job (no oral / no  vagina sex / no finger inseration into her ***), only hand job simply, and she was all the way wearing the pants, more then 5 months ago from Chinese Massage polar, and still no warts symptom, could I be free of warts for 5 months still no symptom developed?

The reason I am afraid because I think the lady may not clean her hands before doing hand job to me. But one tihng sure that is before she did the hand job to me, there had been for more than 2 hours doing a normal massage to me. Until the last 2 minuates, she did the hand job to me. I just want to know, assume the lady really didn't wash her hands thoroughly, will the warts HPV virus be still active on her hand 2 hours later before performing the hand job?

Please reply me ASAP, I am very afraid

207091 tn?1337713093
by auntiejessi, Apr 28, 2009
This question belongs in the STD forum.  The quick answer is no, you are not at risk.  If you read the STD and STD Expert forums, you will find many similar questions, and they will all say there is no risk from handjobs.

I also say that in this journal.

I am not personally answering questions at this time, as I have had a death in my family, which my mood clearly states.


Avatar universal
by vvwjjman, Apr 29, 2009
Dear AJ

Very sorry hearing about this, understood that right now you have no mood, hope you will get well soon

Take care

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by omh44, Apr 29, 2009
Even condoms aren't 100% effective against stds, including hpv, but it's still much safer to use a condom than to not use one

Avatar universal
by vvwjjman, Apr 30, 2009

You mean handjob is more risk than using condom sex??

Avatar universal
by vvwjjman, May 01, 2009

Urgent, can you reply , do you mean hand job without condom will be more risky than having condom vanginal  sex??? I am so scared now :((

207091 tn?1337713093
by auntiejessi, May 01, 2009
It isn't.  Ohm was talking about condom use for intercourse.  There is NO risk from a handjob, which was stated IN the journal, and in my answer a few days ago.

Please - no more questions here.  Post in the forums, or read through them and find 100s of others that fit your situation.

Avatar universal
by i_need_help413, May 19, 2009
well what if the gal just put the genital in her mouth..kissing and lecking it with her saliva(but no ejaculation inside her).
is there any chances to get a std if the person take out the organ and ejaculate outside....???

Avatar universal
by Vance2335, May 19, 2009
i_need_help413 Post this question in the STD community. This is not a site for questions.

696569 tn?1276538719
by Ophelia23, Jun 01, 2009
I am pretty sure you can transmit HPV by dry-humping with only undies (a thong is a terrible thing, sometimes). Anyway, I'm gonna find out Friday, so I will get back to you.

Avatar universal
by indy106, Feb 02, 2011

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