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im at my end

Jun 19, 2008 - 1 comments

Today i am at my point of no return for the last day or two i have been feeling better ( i thought) i had a few pills that were given to me that helped incredable now today that i am out my pain is worse then even. im sweating so bad from the pain and not even getting in the tub is helping. I tried to get in with a old docter of mine that i had seen 4 years ago for my back but now that office isnt taking new pactiants, sorry about the spelling. i just really dont know what to do anymore. i dont have the funds to go to all these docters that dont help me or even belive me. and i cant get my docter to sign the papers puting me on temp disablty. im just misable and the people on this sight know what i am going through i am greatful for that i just wish a docter would hlp. now the docter that i was going to wont even fill my tramadal so lord knows what is going to happen now.

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by Toomanyadvil, Jun 19, 2008
BabyGirl i'm so sorry you didnt get the help you needed today. It can be such a frustrtaing experience to get pain management. Dont give up. You deserve to get the help you need and you will find someone to help.
Did the Dr say why he wouldnt sign the temporary disability papers?
That makes me so angry. I know a DR has to sign it so that you'll be able to get any type of disability.  Is there another that could possibly do it. I know you must feel your Going from DR to DR without any of them helping you. Keep staying strong.
You can always go to the ER if you need to. They may be able to help you and give you something to take home.


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