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Mad Period

Dec 05, 2009 - 0 comments










Okay, first journal of any type, paper, online etc. Here it goes.

My trials started last Friday. I was getting ready for work and was feeling a bit down so I went to grab my tyrosine, an amino acid that helps with mood disorders and brain function. As I was getting it ready, I started feeling period pain, so I went to grab all my supplemets I use for my endometriosis. Before I could do anything the pain became unbearable, all I could do was lean against the bench clutching my lower abdomen. I thought this was very odd, as I take the pill and was still on the hormone pills, so it shouldn't have been my period. On the pill my period doesn't happen until 3-4 days after I've stopped taking it.

I rushed to the toilet before I was completely immobile, I didn't want to risk bleeding because the clean up would have made me late for work. Lucky I did, because I indeed started bleeding. The most unusual thing was the consistency, it seemed the have a pale, almost brown tissue in it as well as the usual heavy flow that is the norm. I was very surprised, as I usually bleed a day or two after the pain starts. After about 10 minutes, the pain went away, so I continued to go to work, and everything was fine.

I felt mild pain the next day, and no bleeding, so I assumed it was over. I was thinking maybe miscarriage, but as I was still taking my pill I didn't expect anything more to happen.

Sunday evening I had a party, and during the day as I was preparing I had pain again, so I went to the toilet and lo and behold, more blood. I put in a tampon and by the time I'd made it to my pre-drinks I had already bled through it, something I haven't done in the 2 years I've been taking the pill. It kept going throughout the night, thankfully not as heavy, but was popping ibuprofen for most of the night to help with the pain - the fact that the alcohol wasn't dulling the pain was unusual. Yes, alcohol on the pill and medications is bad, but it's never bothered me before and I'm too young to not drink at all.

My period was rather normal for the rest of the week, and seemed over by Thursday. Then, Friday night, I started bleeding AGAIN. Then it stopped Saturday, started again Saturday night, and today it's still going. I am seriosly confused...

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