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Dec 06, 2009 - 7 comments




So today i am have having a great day. I have been doing those ovulations stick cheapies from the day i stoped bleeding to see when my body was going to get on track. Today i finally got a positive ovulation stick the test line was totally darker than the control line. I even was a mean wife and woke hubby up to confirm. This means i should be getting aunt flow in a few weeks i hope. Just wanted to share.

I also wanted to share that i had a really bad dream last night that i got pregant again and i had a second miscarriage i hope this won't happen and it is just my nerves..

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by HeatherLF16, Dec 06, 2009
Congrats Gina!  One step closer to healing this is wonderful.
About your dreams I have them every once in a while too especially now that I am pregnant.  I dream of my pregnancy every night most of the time good though (last night I was 6 months pregnant).
I don't if you know how similar our stories are.  I lost my last one at 11 weeks (it died at 8 weeks I saw the heart beat at 7 weeks).  I didn't even bleed, cramp nothing!  I thought everything was fine and found out at my ultrasound.  
As positive as I try to think this time around it is always in the back of my mind.  My sister is having her baby any day now (we were pregnant at the same time) and my due date was early January right around my birthday.  I can't help but think of my loss.  Or check everytime I go to the bathroom to see if I am bleeding.  You will get pregnant again, and you will worry like crazy I think it's just normal after what we have been through.  Like my sister says, once you get passed your 1st trimester you worry about not feeling the baby move.  When the baby is born you check to see if they are breathing, and you worry pretty much for the rest of their lives :)

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by GinaGi, Dec 06, 2009
Thanks Heather!  Did you dream on your last pregnancy? ( If I get to pesonel just let me know I can't take it ) I never had dreams when i was pregnant. I know our stories are similiar I guess thats why i look a lot to you for help.
In my situation i had spotting at weeks 5 and 7 weeks saw the heartbeat at week 8 then no more spotting when for my u/s at 10 .5 weeks and no heartbeat which is why i had a hard time beucase we saw the hearbeat again and there was no more spotting.

My friend chrisitne always tells me you never stop worrying now her kids are in school she says she worries about bullies, and someone snatching them it never ends.

So how are you feeling? Anything new.. how do you keep track when people update their journals?  

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by HeatherLF16, Dec 06, 2009
I know we shared stories at some point, but I know I talk to a lot of people on here so not sure if you remembered.  
I am an open book (in real life too) so I don't mind talking about anything (this is why it's hard for me to keep my pregnancy a secret).  

I didn't dream about my last pregnancy either.  My husband had one dream.  Our dog got into our trash while he was sleeping and scattered it all over our kitchen.  He woke up the next morning and said he had a dream that we had a little boy and he was in his diaper, on our kitchen floor, eating our leftovers out of our trash like our dog was. LOL  Maybe dreaming or not dreaming it is sign?  Not sure.  My mom dreamt of me and both of my sisters when she was pregnant.  

My mom had a miscarriage right before me (if she didn't miscarry I would not be here), then had three healthy girls. Like I was telling you my youngest sister (20) is due any day, and my other sister (25) had one miscarriage, a healthy girl (5 now), a healthy boy (2) and just had another MC.  So, plenty of successful pregnancies after miscarriage in my family.  But, nothing ever stops the worry!! ;)

I am feeling OK barfy all day yesterday (I have not thrown up though), and my boobs hurt a little more.  My doc is having me come in next Friday (the 11th) to hopefully see the heartbeat.  I will be 6.5 weeks do you think that is too soon?  

Journals I just see in the activity stream on my home page?  I didn't set it up it's just automatically there.

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by hudsy, Dec 07, 2009
Hey GinaGi! To comment on the dreams, with my last pregnancy my husband and I both had very strange baby dreams around the time from conceiving on....very weird! A few were dreams that different family memebers wouldn't hold our baby's neck up and we both kept flipping out. I had lots of strange dreams, some great (i had a few baby girl dreams), some just weird. I found out both my mom and aunt had crazy vivid dreams during pregnancy! I guess everyone is different but it defintily is normal and I don't think that because you dreamed you had another miscarriage you will! I dreamed I delivered my baby girl down to every detail and then I miscarried a month later. Point is- dreams don't tell the future. When you go to bed with a worry in your head of course it'll be on your mind when you're dreaming as well! don't let those negative thoughts sneak in! Stay possitive even when you're nervous!!

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by GinaGi, Dec 07, 2009
Thanks Hudsy !  I am not even pregnant yet and i am just having these dreams, i am nervous becuase i am one those crazy people who's dreams come true most of the time .. Hopefully not for me. I have to think positive as do all of we.

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by Princessa745, Dec 07, 2009
Congratulations on your positive OPK!!!! Hopefully you won't see AF!!!

I never dreamt with my lat pregnancy. I had a MC in march i was suposed to be 9 wks and no heartbeat. Now with this pregnancy i didn't dream but my BF had a dream like 10 days before i new i was pregnant that i was pregnant and pretty far along. So  who knows!! Wishing you tons of babys dust!!!

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by GinaGi, Dec 08, 2009
Thanks, i actually want to see af becuase dr told me I have to wait to three cycles so i was thinking feb,?
how are you feeling ?

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