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21 weeks scan

Dec 06, 2009 - 2 comments

Tomorrow II will go for my big scan. I am really scare. I have been using the baby doppler so I am relief to hear the baby hearbeat, but still I am nervous. I don't care about the sex of the baby, just I want to know that my baby is doing and growing ok. I am so nervous and excited.

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by HeatherLF16, Dec 06, 2009
Hi Susi,
I just read your story of your history.  I am really happy for you that you have made it to this point.  I have only had one loss (hopefully the last) and I am about 5 weeks pregnant again, and I am a nervous wreck.  You are inspirational for me :)
Do you want to find out if you are having a boy or a girl?  I can't wait to buy a doppler.
I have been having my levels checked they are rising good, and I get an ultrasound next Friday.  Hope they can see the heartbeat (may still be a little early).  

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by susi1976, Dec 06, 2009
hello heather. thank you for your wishes. I am so happy for you as well. You will see how quick the time goes. Even if they don't see the heartbeat due to the early age of the fetus at least you will have more peace of mind as soon as you see that everything is developing good. I will be expecting your news on friday.
I would like to find out if its a little baby boy or girl but I know that sometimes depends on the position of the baby so I am not expecting to find out. I will update tomorrow. talk to you soon and remember to take the best care of you .
pd. the doppler is the best thing to relieve the worries. I really recommend it. talk to you soon

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