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Wondering about treatment

Dec 06, 2009 - 2 comments

Is this just the flu or some Hep C stuff? Or is it flu made worse from Hep C? If things are going to be like this, I want to get treatment... but would treatment make me feel like this for a year???

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by alltomuch, Jun 27, 2010
Hi Jenny, I went thru the treatment for the year.. I was on other meds at the same time which I feel made it a lot worse than it has to be.
I will tell you that the first 6 months for me was not bad... I felt that I had a touch of the flu, no big deal.. but with the other meds... the next 6 months were hell!  Nothing I woud not do again tho!  I felt that I was not going to make it the whole year, but with a very supportive husband I did it!  I was so very weak, lost all muscle, weight was very low (don't remember how low)  Gained the weight back, but not the muscle!!  
I was on Neurontin.. a med that I do not suggfest for anyone to take at all for any reason!!  Made my days worse!  Also, was on clonipin... it helped, but was hard to get off of!  Needed another med to deal with the withdrawl symptoms!!  
ANywa, don't have much time here today, but if you would like.. I will be happy to talk with you about treatment and what to expect.  I would do it again if I had to.  It's not pleasent, not fun.. it gets kinda scary when you find that you can't drive your car, or when you are to weak because your aniemic, but with close doctor care he will give you more meds for that.  I would do it if I were you..... save your liver!  
If you would like to email me direct, my address is   lotus__3***@****  (two underscores)

Good Luck!!!!  

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by ali54, Jun 28, 2011
i have the hep c sick and i start the treatment from 3 month ago but i cant stop alchool drinking .is that to bad

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