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Happy 10th Anniversary to Dr. Kevin D. Kennedy and our Child Behavioral Health Forum!

Dec 07, 2009 - 6 comments

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Since the inception of our Child Behavioral Health Forum in 1999, Dr. Kennedy has selflessly volunteered his time and expertise to answer child behavior questions for MedHelp members. During this time, Dr. Kennedy has answered thousands of questions ranging from disciplining Toddlers to a 19 year old who refuses to go home again!

Dr. Kennedy is one of the few clinicians in the world who are authorized to provide Cogmed Working Memory Training, which is an in-home, software-based approach to enhancing working memory in children, teens and adults.  In addition to his work at MedHelp, Dr. Kennedy serves as Coordinator of the Educational Assessment Center at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. where his clinical practice focuses on treatment of emotional disorders in children and adolescents. He has been a Child and Adolescent clinician in Harvard Vanguard’s Behavioral Health Department for the past fifteen years. Prior to that, Dr. Kennedy was Director of Clinical Services at Walker Home and School. He served on the full-time graduate faculty at Simmons College School of Social Work, where he instructed doctoral and masters-level students in the areas of clinical practice and clinical research. Dr. Kennedy has also served on the adjunct faculties at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and Rhode Island College Graduate School of Social Work. He has served in direct service, supervisory, consulting and administrative positions in a number of therapeutic schools offering residential and day treatment services.

A Few Highlights from Dr. Kennedy and the Child Behavioral Health Forum …

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17568 tn?1424977159
by Cindy, Dec 07, 2009
CONGRATULATIONS and a heartfelt THANK YOU, Dr. Kennedy!  

1160665 tn?1262700008
by Navywife38, Jan 05, 2010
My ten year old son can not remember anything he does even ten minutes before. He really struggles with remembering what someone said to him in a conversation on the phone just after hanging up. What could this be, and how can I help?

Avatar universal
by brokenheart913, Jan 11, 2010
Dear Dr, Kennedy:
Please help,  My daughter is very cold and seems uncaring.  When she get mad at someone she won't talk to them for a very long time.  Her sign is scropio.  I am Aquarius.  Last time she didn't talk to me was for two years.  It almost killed me.
I have high blood presure and water around my heart and when I get upset it makes it hard to breath.  She was brought up with my husband and me.  My ex husband was sexually abused for 6 years, so he doesn't know the word respect.  I have asked my daughter so many times if he ever did anything to her like that.  She swears up and down he hadn't.  She is very comfortable with her sexuality. and talkes about it freely.  With doesn't fit the picture of suxual abuse.  Althought she has not seen respect given to her mother from my ex husband.  She lived with his mother since age 12. She would say to me that the grandma never show feeling to her when she gets hurt .  She would laugh instead of showing some concern.  Has this made my daughter that cold inside?

My daughter isn't talking to me again for the last two months over something so stupied I can't believe it is happening again.  She told me one time that she could never talk to me again in her whole life and it wouldn't bother her.  I am a very loving person and I would die for my daughter she is distroying me and it hurt so bad.  I don't deserve this what can I do..

Avatar universal
by kellyg1983, Jan 19, 2010
Dear sir
My 22month old has a terrible temper, you say NO and she will throw herself on the floor banging her head too. She will also hit out bite and scratch mostly to my elder 2. I try and ignore her when she throws herself about but it makes her worse, is there any advise you can give coping with this issue. please help

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Apr 15, 2010
I have only just spotted this about Dr Kennedy as a child advocate and a 'helper' on the child forums I would like to say I have fllowed Dr Kennedy and he has the best perspective on child behavior, I am happy he is with MH he has been a huge help to may parents .We really appreciate you Dr Kennedy ..

Avatar universal
by ilse515, Jul 25, 2010
Dear Dr, Kennedy:
Please help, My son is six years old he was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago when he started kinder. He has been on several meds concerta,focalin,redline and several more. He developes ticks from rubbing his nose till it bleeds to scratching his body some of this meds get him irritated so he constanly has to be trying new meds he also got a psychological test wich determands that he has ADHD and that he has depression symtoms. Im not a doctor put im to the point that I dont want to medicate him. I feel that the doctor is experimenting with him. He was placed on first grade obviously he has a learning desability. He has a hard time following directions constantly ritaliating against the teachers and me also hitting others and thowing fits I think that he feels that no one understands him. He just started to see a therapist PLEASE HELP I LOVE MY SON I NEED HELP I dont understand why he would be depressed he has a great home.Ive tried everything all kinds of doctors could it be that he has another condition????????? Aspergers maybe???????????    

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