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Coming down to the wire

Dec 08, 2009 - 4 comments

Got together with my Mom and my sisters last night and had the "What do we do WHEN Mom dies" conversation...

It's tough.... My Mom is soooo cute.. cuz she just said... " If I was like your father.. I would be able to PICK the day I die.. and the time.."  

My Dad's death was pretty amazing as he had said that he had a Tee Off time with "J.C" on the 4th of July at 10:00 am.... well.. sure enough.. my Dad died on the 4th of July @ 20 minutes to 10:00.. as my Dad ALWAYS said.. "If you're 15 minutes EARLY... you're still LATE.." so, my Dad was ALWAYS showing up 20 minutes early wherever he was going....
I asked my Mom after my Dad died if that meant it took 20 minutes to get to heaven... ??? 15 minutes to get to heaven... ??? or a blink of an eye????  My Mom just said.. "Your Dad was NEVER LATE"

I love my Mom and don't want her to suffer... I hope her "ticket to heaven" comes with no pain...

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1096641 tn?1271707225
by desperatetostop, Dec 08, 2009
awe....I love your dad...and I dont' even know you and your family.

I hope your mom's ticket comes with no pain also...

me, I hope to be devoured by a Lion. LOL

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by NorcoQueenoftheUniverse, Dec 08, 2009
Thanks sweet heart....

I LOVED my Dad too!

He was my hero.. and my Brave Heart!

And... my Mom too...

I hope I DIE by falling off my horse....B A M  .... Just "Getter Done"

1096641 tn?1271707225
by desperatetostop, Dec 08, 2009
LOL...u funny.


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by MrsMacDugle, Dec 08, 2009
yes, my dear future friend, If your mother is a bornagain Christian & has walked with the Lord all of her new life.  Her death will releave her of all her pain.  And she can ask the Lord for her ticket date & time just as your father did & He shall grant that to her.  But so long as she is needed here she shall not be called onto the Father yet.

Until her mission here is done she shall stay & continue to praise him for all that he has done in her life & testify to all that she comes in contact with, and once she has touched the last soul that the Lord has marked to be touched by her sweet spirit that she hold of him, He shall call her home & you will see great joy wash over her now pain ridden face.  As she sees the glory of heaven & is reunited with her spouse & her saviour & creator she will be filled with a joyful appearance as the pains are taken from her body & she is restored to full health & strength & provided a new body.

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